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The three of them stood still, straining their ears as they tried to listen.

Lydia wasn’t even sure she was breathing anymore, fear settling into her limbs as she grew as still as she could, Arabella’s hand as sweaty as her own, but they clung to each other.

Alexander peered around, his eyes growing larger as he partially shifted, and swung his head from side to side. “I think we’re clear.” He breathed out.

A snarl echoed round, and they all froze again, until Lydia felt just the whisper of a breath move her hair.

“Run!” She screamed out, yanking Arabella with her as a large pair of jaws snapped out from the shadows, mere inches away from their heads.

Arabella stifled her own scream as the three of them bolted, throwing themselves round corners and twisting corridors, trying desperately to evade the thing that was chasing them.

“Here!” Alexander threw a door open, and pushed the two girls inside, before ducking in himself. There was a snarl, and the jaws appearing as Alexander threw his weight against the door. Arabella joined in as Lydia shifted into her own wolf form, and snapped at the creature.

It flinched, and that fraction of a second was enough for them to slam the door shut, where it clicked into place with a resounding clank.

They all stared at the door, waiting breathlessly to see if it would hold. It seemed like an era before the snarling sound on the other side of the door faded away and they could take a breath again.

Lydia shifted back, and looked around the room. “Great, just great. We’ve locked ourselves in here now. How are we going to get out?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now, now way out of this room means no way into it either, and I am happy with that.” Alexander said.

Despite having a wealth of fur about her, Lydia still felt cold as she nosed the door to the common room open. No wonder poor Nike was shivering, wrapped around her leg.

She sat in front of the fire, and nosed at him.

We’re inside, shift back now. She sent.

Nike wrapped his long scaly body from her leg, and then shifted to human, still shivering, his lips almost blue.

“I know we have to patrol, but really? Do I have to come out with you in this weather?”

Lydia pushed her nose against his skin. Ice cold. She pondered for a moment, and then shifted herself. He fur turned white as snow, black jagged stripes running across it. Her large, tiger paws were twice the size of the wolf’s as she stretched out and then lay in front of the fire.

He eyes looked at Nike, and then at the space between her and the fire that was carved out.

“Lifesaver.” He mumbled, drawing his coat around him, and then snuggled down into her fur. “Don’t tell my mum about this, okay?”

Your mother does not feel the cold as you do. Get some sleep.

Lydia could feel his breath slow down, and slowly his temperature rose from freezing. It was only when she was satisfied that there was colour back in his face that she put her face down on her paws and shut her own eyes.

Lydia was dozing, the warmth of the fire prevailing throughout the room until the door opened and a draft burst upon them. She shifted, curling up so that her own body minimised it’s exposure to outside air.

“Has anybody seen Lydia this morning?”

Her ears pricked up at the mention of her name, and she stopped dozing with quite so much effort, and listened into the conversation.

“Not as of yet, I suspect she’s still asleep.”

“Where does she sleep?”

“I don’t know, I’m afraid. I can try and circulate a message if you want?”

“My sister is requesting her presence, if she would be so kind.”

Lydia uncurled herself ad stretched out, her claws tapping against the hard wooden beam in the rafters. It was luxurious to stretch ones back out like this, right from the nose to the tail.

She jumped down from the rafters, landing lightly on all four paws, before looking up at the two men who had been talking, and transforming back into her human form.

“Good morning Valerion.”

“Lydia.” He nodded his head towards her. “I thought your shifting form was that of a wolf, not a cat?”

“I can shift into any mammal. Well, most mammals at least. That includes everything from wolves, to dogs, horses down to cats and mice. I often sleep in the form of a cat.”

“May I ask why?”

Lydia gave him a wry smile. “We’re very short on bed space here, and more refugees are coming in everyday. By sleeping as a cat, I can find any comfortable spot on the floor, or rafters, for my bed. Just a little thing I can do to help. Did you say Arabella was asking for me?”

He nodded, and held the door open for her. “This might sounds strange, but I think your suit the form of a cat.”

“Thank you.”

96. Adore

Arabella pushed Lydia towards her dressing table and chair.

“Sit.” She commanded the tiny girl.

“Mistress, you really don’t have to…”

“But I want to! I adore doing your hair. Are you going to tell me not to?” Arabella turned her biggest pleading eyes on the smaller girl.

Lydia smiled shyly. “Of course not mistress. I just don’t want to be a bother.”

Arabella smiled and motioned for Lydia to turn and face the mirror. “A bother is the last thing you are to me Lydia.” She picked up her brush and started to comb through the long pale blonde hair. She then stopped and held the brush to her mouth as she thought of something. “I’m not a bother to you, am I Lydia?”

“Or course you aren’t my lady! It’s an honour to work for you. And..well.” She fidgeted with her dress a little. “I like spending time with you, I consider you to be my friend.”

“Oh!” Arabella squealed and wrapped the tiny girl in a tight hug. “You are just far too adorable. Of course we’re friends.” She brushed away a tear from the side of her eye. “Now turn back around. I want to try something new.”

86. Shatter

Lydia beat her hands upon the glass prison that she was trapped in, her tiny fists making no noise to the outside world.

“Help! Let me out! Please, let me out of here!” She was almost sobbing, pleading with someone that she couldn’t see.

The room outside was dark, and empty. The only thing she could see was her own prison, softly lit by some unseen source.

She continued to beat upon the glass wall, but nothing happened. The glass didn’t even vibrate, it was so thick. Lydia slumped back from the wall, and started to sob. Pulling her legs up to her head, she wrapped herself up into a ball and let the tears flow.

A time of indeterminate amount passed, when Lydia cried herself to sleep. A sudden knock against her back woke her up. She uncurled, and turned around. Valerion was the other side of the glass, trying to mouth something at her as he bashed against the glass with unnatural strength.

“It’s doesn’t work it’s too thick!” She said to him, hands on the glass and desperation in her eyes.
He tried a couple more times and then stepped back to look over the cage. It was shaped like a tear, with a point at the top, rounded sides but a flat bottom.

Valerion said something to her, which she couldn’t hear. He then made a back away motion with his hands and took out a short staff, which he expanded out into a spear.

Lydia backed away from the wall, and as he hefted the spear over his shoulder, she realised his intentions and covered her ears and went to the ground in a protective ball.

The sound of the glass shattering around her tore through her sensitive hearing, and she whimpered with pain as the sound of breaking gave way into the tinkling and crashing of shards of glass falling through the air.

Survival instincts kicked in, and hands still over her ears, Lydia turned to run, as something hit her from behind and swept her up.

Valerion jumped through the falling glass and landed on the other side of the shattered prison. He got to a safer distance away before he stopped and them put her on her feet again.

“You okay?” He asked, his voice fading in and out.

“My ears are ringing, but yes. Thank you.”

He held out his hand. “Come on, some others came with. Let’s find them.”

They were just turning to jog out of the room, when a voice came from behind them.

“Oh no no no. I spent far too much time getting you here to just let you break out that easily.”

67. Wish

“If wishes were fishes beggar’s would ride.”

“Where does that saying come from?”

“I don’t know, but it is entirely appropriate for this situation.”

“All I said was I wish the castle hadn’t been destroyed. One wish!” Lydia frowned at Alexander.

“Do you really wish that? If the castle had never been attacked, and thus destroyed, then you never would have fallen off the wall, and thus would never had had your first shift, and thus would never have become a shifter, and thus never have met us.” He grinned at her, teasing her.

“I know I wouldn’t have fallen off the wall. And I don’t mean about the whole falling off the wall thing. Becoming a shifter was a very good thing, and anyway it would have happened some other way. It’s a part of who I am, the wall was just the catalyst. But no, I still wish the castle hadn’t been destroyed. It was a lovely place, and had a great history. I am still saddened by its destruction.”

“Wishes don’t get us anywhere.”

Lydia sighed. “I know. But you’re missing the point of the conversation.”

“Am I?”

Alexander could be infuriating sometimes.

54. Stars

54. Stars (25/5/11)

Stars were constant. No matter where you were, or when it was, the stars were always there above you. Gently twinkling in the night sky. It was that stability that she held onto. It didn’t matter what else around her changed, the stars never did, and that was her solace.

She was lying on her back, hair and skirts wafting with the long grass stalks in the night breeze. The grass was so long that it hid someone as small as she was without effort, and framed the night sky the she was gazing at.

It was peaceful here. Nothing to intrude upon her thoughts. She liked the others, but often they didn’t seem to quite grasp that sometimes a person needed to be on their own for a while. Not all the time, but occasionally, like tonight, she would sneak out to have some time to herself. She hoped that they wouldn’t try and come and find her.

The stars seemed to understand, as they twinkled serenely. They were so far away, from everything, yet as she reached out her hand, Lydia felt she could almost grasp them.

26. Trust

26. Trust (09/02/10)

Arabella stood at the top of the cliff, the wind whipping her hair round. Her eyes were wide, the realization that she had nowhere left to run sinking in. She could hear her pursers, and there was nothing to stop them catching her now.

Something burst out of the bushes to her right, and she reeled away, fangs bared as she snarled her defiance. “Wait, Ara!” The blond-haired girl shouted as she ran towards her.

“Lydia!” Arabella let her fangs recede, and stretched out her hands to grasp the tiny girl’s arms, “They’re coming, you have to…”

“Do you trust me?”

“Wh… what?” the sounds of the hunters were closer now

“Do you trust me?”

“I… yes, I trust you.”

“Then jump!” the hunters broke through the tree line on the banks as Lydia grabbed the other girl’s hand, and pulled her over the edge of the cliff. Arabella screamed as they went down, certain death lay at the bottom, yet, she didn’t blame Lydia. She did trust her, and death was probably better than being captured. Suddenly the two were overshadowed, Arabella looked up to see Lydia grinning as a drake drew level besides them, then carefully manoeuvred so that it was under them and gently took them upon it back. Lydia laughed out loud as she grasped hold of the feathers. “I told you to trust me, didn’t I!”


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