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I hit my original goal of 75K today! On day21!

Yes I do know that I could have done better, but there is this little thing called Warlords of Draenor that came out, and besides, I want to have room to beat myself next year!

Look at this shiny thing!

Screenshot 2014-11-22 at 15.17.03

So I still have nine whole days left.

Screw it, let’s try for the big 6 figures, 100K. It’s not like I’ve finished the novel yet.


On day 12.




I am very very happy.

So let’s see what I can do with the rest of the month!

NaNoWriMo Day 7

Day 7! Or, the end of week one. I mean it’s not the end until it’s midnight, but I feel like updating the blog.

31K! (ish anyway) I am so far ahead of my target which was even more than the NaNoWriMo traditional target. If I was aiming for 50K, today would be the 11.6K mark. But I’m aiming for 75K this month, so 17.5K was today’s mark for me. AND I’M SMASHING IT – BOHYAH!

Look at this chart: Blue is standard progression, Yellow is diminishing returns progression (instead of doing X amount a day, you do the most at the start of the month, then reduce the target so that on the last day you only have to write 1 word to finish) and Green is my progress to date.


So I’m keeping up with the diminishing returns, and there is no way I’m going to let that pace drop so much! I’m averaging 4.4K a day, and I intend to keep that up for the rest of the month. Well, I hope to. I have plans this weekend, so I might not happen every day. But, if I do keep this up, then I might hit six figures in a month for the first time ever! I’m so excite!

So, I thought I would share with you the last bit that I wrote. I’ve just finished this scene, and now I get to move onto to the next chapter/scene, which is probably going to be the best one in the book. It where’s the MCs power get revealed to the world at large. But for now, some sisterly concern.


Mechanica - CoverRose lifted a hand to her cheek, and watched him walk away, silently hoping that he would turn round to look at her one last time, until he turned the corner and was out of sight.

Quietly opening then closing the door, she padded into the house, and up the stairs, into her own room. Her watch told her that it was half past two in the morning, no wonder no one else was up.

The light in her room flickered on, and Rose turned to see Danna standing in her doorway. Smiling, with one raised eyebrow, her sister came into the room and closed the door.

“I thought you were out late. That’s unusual.”

“I lost track of the time. Hardly a crime.”

“No, but I simply can’t think of anyone else that would be up this late. Proper lords and ladies are in bed by midnight at the very latest.”

“So I’m a little late. It’s hardly a problem is it?”

Danna sat down on Rose’s bed and tapped her foot. “So who were you with?”

“A friend.” Rose began to take off her clothes and change into nightwear.

“Oh? Looking like that?”

“What’s wrong with how I look?”

“You look almost as bad as I do sometimes. Maybe not as dirty, but those are not normal clothes for a noblewomen.”

“I don’t see why you’re asking so many questions. you’ve never been interested in my social engagements before.”

“You’ve never been so evasive about them before. Where were you this evening Rose?”

“At a party, with a friend.”

“By any chance was this party in the middle city?”

Rose looked up at her sister and frowned.

“I thought you might be. My sister, sneaking out to party, I’m proud of you.”

“I wasn’t in the middle city.”

Danna’s eyes grew wide then narrow in an instant. “Don’t tell me you were in the lower city?”

“Actually I was.”

“Rose! don’t you know how dangerous that is?”

“A moment ago you were praising me for sneaking out, what changed?”

“It’s one thing to go to the middle city, but another to go to the lower city.”

“You go down there.”

“I carry a gun. You can’t trust people down there Rose.”

“I trust Dean.”

“Whose Dean?”

“The friend I was with.”

“You were with a guy?”

“Yes. He took me dancing.”

“Rose Ariador!”

“What? He’s nice. And as I said, I trust him.”

“Is he a nobleman.”

“No. Of course not.”

“Then how can you trust him?”

“He saved my life, okay?”

“He what?”

“He saved my life. He pushed me out of the way of a speeding cab, and that’s how we met so of course I trust him. And he might not be noble but he is a gentleman.”

“If her’s a gentleman he wouldn’t have taken you to the lower town.”

“I asked him to. He mentioned how they celebrate the new year and I asked if he would take me. It wasn’t his idea.”

“Rose, do you know what goes on down there?”

“Lots of dancing and drinking and telling tall tales from what I saw tonight.”

Danna got up off the bed and placed her sister’s shoulders. “Rose, the amount of crime that happens down there is astounding. Theft and mugging, and, goodness-forbid, rape? There’s a reason I carry a gun, and some other little tricks, and I never go alone.”

“I wasn’t alone. I took a cab there, and Dean met me when I got off the cab. Look, you trust me Danna, don’t you? Trust me when I say that I trust Dean. He wouldn’t do anything to me, and he wouldn’t let anything happen to me.”

“Oh Rosie. I do trust you, it’s the rest of the world I don’t trust. You’re young and beautiful, and I don’t want anything to ruin it.”

“It hasn’t. Nothing happened tonight except that I had the most wonderful time.”

Danna brought her sister in for a hug. “Must you make me worry so?”

“I don’t mean to.”

“I know, I know. It would just be the worst thing to have something happen to you.”

“I promise you, I was in no danger.”

Danna sighed and pulled back from the hug. “Alright. I shan’t say anything to father.” Rose gre pale at the thought of how her father might react, especially if Danna had had this bad a reaction. “But, one condition.”


“I want to met this Dean fellow, before he takes you anywhere again.”

Rose let out her breath, then smiled. “Deal.”

“Good. now, get some sleep. I don’t doubt that you’re exhausted if you spent your whole evening dancing. Where did you find the energy?”

Rose smiled, and let her sister out of her room, then let out an explosive breath when the door was shut.

Cradling her watch, she climbed into bed and turned the light off. “You thought it was a good time, didn’t you?”

The watch spirit materialized, waving it’s little arms around and turning to music that only the two of them could hear. Rose smiled, and cradling it close, her eyes closing almost as soon as they hit the pillow.

Typing Master

That title’s a little egotistical, isn’t it?

But I feel pretty darn good at the moment. As you can see, if you check the little word tracker thing down the side (somewhere over here ->), my current NaNo is on ~12.5K. In three days.

*happy dance*

So yes, apologies for having no updates on the blog. I’m kind of doing this other thing instead. I’ll see if I can squeeze a blog post or two in here this month, but I promise nothing!


NaNo Prep 2014


So NaNoWriMo is coming up on us again this year, and I have one piece of prep that I need to do: pick which story I’m writing.

I know, fairly major point.

For those of you who do not know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and is where a bunch of wrimos, or writer, get together, and try to write that many words in a month. Crazy, yes? Well, I’m aiming for 75K this year. Check them out here (http://nanowrimo.org/dashboard) and if you want to add me find Imaginary_World. I have a tiny adorable toothless as my avatar.

So, this year I have three potential candidates for writing.

Crossing Realms: Five worlds exist, separate and apart, existing by themselves. Until a shadow passes them, in the sky, they catch sight of each other for the first time in millennia. Why are the world suddenly crossing each other, and when the champions of each world arise from the masses, are they enough to stop the worlds from colliding into each other? (Fantasy Adventure) <Examples – 34 – Stars>

DNA Key: In a world where everything, from doors to bank accounts, to access to the city, is controlled by DNA locks, the master key is a sorely desired item. (Sci Fi/Future Tech) <Examples – 28 – Sorrow>

Mechanica Awakening: Rose has the rarest of all abilites,  the power to talk to and awaken the spirits of machines and objects. But in a world on the brink of war, can she stop other people from trying to use her, and her power, for thier own purposes? (Gaslamp Fantasy) <Examples – 8 – Innocence & 3 – Light>

So, readers, writers, blogger. Your thoughts and opinions?

Writing Update

Okay, so real life got in the way and I have let my writing habits slip. Turns out I’m not much of a habit former, but I kind of knew that already. Had a job for over a year now and I am STILL not used to getting up in the mornings. I hate mornings.

First things first, a small apology. I have not been keeping up with the schedule that I set for the 100 Theme Challenge. I promised to do two a week, which means that I should be on 37/38 this week, but I have only just published 31. So, expect quite a few more themes to be published in the coming week or two so that I can catch up with myself and get back on track with that. I also hope that you have been enjoying the themes so far.

Novels. I have stalled with my Novel. After the Garth Nix author event I was rather fired up, but I haven’t done anything with it yet, and this morning was the first time I’ve looked at that novel in a few weeks, I’ll admit. I did however start editing again, so hopefully I can pick it back up and start getting through it. I still have the hope that I’ll be showing it to a select number of people by the end of the year, which I can do if I put some hard work into it!

Talking about Novels, I’ve been using this great software called Novlr. I think I talked about it before. It went to kickstarter to get some funding, but it’s not doing so well and there are only a few hours left! If you like simple design and a focus on writing then it’s really great. If you think you might fancy it, have a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/novlr/novlr-novel-writing-simply?ref=nav_search And yes, this is a bit of a shameless plug, but I really do want this to fund, so I’m just leaving the link here, and if you want to follow it, please do.

I have some novels on the backburner, but I’m not really thinking about them yet. Focusing on the current WIP.

However, with NaNoWriMo on the horizen, one of them might come out an get some time to shine! I think I know which one I might pick for this year, but I have a history of changing my mind. I do like NaNo, with all the people and the competitiveness and the charts and the numbers and the writing. I might even try and make it to some physical write in’s this year. And then I remember I don’t have a laptop and that makes it much much harder. Maybe soon I can get one. Maybe soon.

I also have another writing project which I have just started. Considering that’s all I’m going to say about it, I don’t know why I’m mentioning it, except that it is something that I’m doing with the readers of this blog in mind, so wait awhile and you should see what comes of that! (Warning, a while is probably likely to be in the months sort of time frame. I have a lot of projects on the go right now!)


By the end of this month I will have:

  • Finished work for the summer, starting a glorious six weeks off
  • Had my bridesmaid dress fitted
  • Been to said wedding as a bridesmaid
  • Visited my father and Nana and inherited a bunch of furniture from Nana’s flat
  • Gone camping for Empire event 3
  • Had a house warming party
  • Seen How to Train Your Dragon 2 a bunch of times in the cinema since it comes out this month
  • And hopefully written 50,000 words!

2014-Participant-Facebook-ProfileYes, it is Camp NaNoWriMo again this month, and despite being busy for most of this month, I have decided to undertake the full 50K words. This is because I am editing my work in progress, and editing is sometimes made easier when you just copy paste whole sections of your previous novel into the edit (not all of it is bad after all, most of it just needs tweaking and adding to/taking away from). And also I finish work for the summer this Friday, so I will have all day every day to write past Friday. Theoretically. I am sure that days I cannot write on will be more than made up for by the days I can. I’m am very much looking forward to it.


My mother’s wedding is coming up as well. I have a dress fitting on Monday, which I am excited for. This is the dress:

1505259_10151845684345794_148052734_n 1528704_10151845684215794_1801796881_n












Although not in pink. In a bright electric blue because blue is so my colour, and it looks fantastic against white.

5_metre_bell_tent_standard_1-500x500Empire 3 (or 7 depending on whether you count year to year or cumulatively) is the weekend after the wedding, so we’ll go from posh frocks and dinners to camping out and trampling round in the mud. It’ll be fun, I can’t wait. Although hopefully it won’t be as rainy this time round. Also we have an IC tent for the first time, so we’ll have to see how that goes 🙂


And of course, although I have already seen it, this particular film is getting released in the cinemas for real. So I shall of course be going to see it a bunch of times.

how_to_train_your_dragon_2_movie-wideHow is your July looking? As busy as mine?

On Writing

Why yes I have just finished Stephen King’s Memoir of the craft, thanks for asking. Personally I think it was okay, had some nice tips on the craft itself, but at fifteen years old, it is beginning to show its age. Not a bad thing, but the publishing industry is not what it was fifteen years ago.

Considering I’ve been doing NaNoWriMo and had the goal of getting myself published for a while now, I’m not quite sure what’s changed to make me knuckle down and really concentrate on getting my current novel edited and reviewed to potentially go out to people. I’m a way off sending it to publishers, but I do want to see it get there eventually.

It might be because through the a to z challenge I have found the blog of loads of other writers out there and have renewed my determination to write.

It might be because one of those writers encouraged me to go out and buy Writing Magazine, which not only has great articles in it, but loads of writing competitions, which I think is a great way to start submitting things for review.

It might be because a friend of mine pointed me at another competition where you can win mentorship and writing classes as the prize instead of money. I am really interested in this competition, since it’s run in conjunction with the local writing centre and a website called Ideas Tap (for creative people in the UK, sorry America but I think you have tons of stuff over the pond) and you can submit anything from a short story to an extract in any genre. It’s what I’m working on at the moment – combing through all the stuff I’ve written and seeing if I can find a bit which I really think showcases what I can do. Definitely going to edit it before submitting, but I’ve got to find something of appropriate length (2,000 words) before I can do that.

Either way, I seem to have found more enthusiasm for writing, which is great and exactly what Camp NaNoWriMo was meant to do. Or at least the month of April was meant to do, and it’s worked!

As an add on to the latest Writing Magazine, there was a book: Kick start your creativity in seven days. It’s got some writing exercises in there which I will be doing over the course of the next week. Here’s the first:

Day 1 Exercise – Your Surroundings

My feet are resting on the table, having shoved aside empty packets of sweets and used plate with chinky cutlery that should have been placed in the kitchen. My own drink sits to the left of my, just out of reach of my arms, but that’s what I get for sitting in the comfy sofa.

Going beyond the table, I see my three house mates lined up on the other side of the room. One is on the xbox, and is lounging in his chair in a relaxed position with controller dangling from one hand.

The next is laid out on the sofa, still having  to keep her leg up with the plushest cushion shoved under it. She’s got her laptop out and is bubbling over with her ideas about what she’s working on, various words float over to me as the discussion turns to dinner.

The third is staring intently at his monitor, having moved his behemoth of a desktop in here to be ‘sociable’ with the rest of us. Either that or his desk got shaky enough to necessitate moving away from it. He’s clicking and furiously tapping the keyboard. I think he’s dying in his game, or rather attempting not to.

A flash of my wriggling toes draws my attention to them. It’s possibly my odd socks that draw my attention to them, or maybe it’s just because I like the feeling of cloth on my toes so much that I need to watch it as well as feel it.

End of April

Whelp, I am now far too used to posting every day to give up just yet. Although the topic today is not going to be dragons.

As well as doing the a to z challenge I was also taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, with the goal of 25K words. And I am glad to say, I reached my goal 🙂 Hence why you can now see the winner’s badge on the side of the page (and the survivor badge from a to z).

I decided to start a new novel rather than editing my old one, to give myself a bit of a break. And now that it’s gotten to the end of the month, I feel ready to go back to my novel-in-edit. That’s not to say I’m just going to dump what I’ve written on Eidetic (the working title for the novel), but I’m going to concentrate on something else as my priority.

I did have fun writing it, and the character is not typical of the characters that I usually write, so it’s been fun developing her a little bit. And because I am a seat of the pants writer, despite being only 25K into the story, I have already been surprised by what turns out to happen in the book. It’s one of the reasons I love being a pantser so much – just because I write it doesn’t mean I know what’s going to happen.

I’ve been picking up a lot of books on writing as well. The Writer’s ABC Checklist was something that I flicked through, since it’s not the sort of book to read cover to cover, and currently sitting on my desk is Stephen King’s On Writing, which I will probably finish today. I also have the Writing Magazine sitting at home, after it got recommended to me by another blogger, so there’s lots of material out there.

And lots of it has conflicting advice. Before this month one source told me: never stray from your current novel, it would be like cheating on your partner. But just before April started something else told me: put a novel to one side, do something else, then come back to it with a fresh mind, you will be able to edit it better with an objective viewpoint. And although I’ve been told the next thing, it’s one thing to be told a piece of advice and another thing to discover it for yourself, which is what April has really taught me about writing: There is no right or wrong advice, there is only advice that is right for you.

So I’m going to follow the advice which I feel is right for me, and give myself the rest of this week and weekend off from writing. This might be because on Monday I was 6K short of my 25K, so I wrote 6K in three days (I have written 6K in a day before, but that just didn’t happen this time round), so I feel like I’ve earned a bit of a rest, and a chance to do something other than writing.

I am going to do some blog posts though, since this feels more like me rambling to a friend than writing 🙂 I’ve got something dragon related lined up to come, probably coming on Saturday since I’ll need a but of time to put it together.

Extract from Eidetic

bench girl

A week later, and at midday Sage was at the courtyard outside of the palace, where the execution was due to take place. The gallows had been erected during the week, and now there was a huge crowd of the city folk around them, commoners standing in the middle, but at the sides were awning where noble folks gathered. The very lucky ones were standing on the balconies that surrounded the open courtyard, being allowed in the palace as they were.

She cast a weathered eye over the courtyard, but as of yet there was no activity. She should have gotten here earlier, but she was still trying to not attract attention until the time was right, and turning up early might have raised some eyebrows.

Handily Sage was thin enough that she could wriggle between the members of the thick crowd in an effort to get to the front, keeping her cloak from snagging on other people’s possessions, and her hood from falling down so that her face and hair were mostly concealed.

She briefly wondered why there was such a considerable turnout, but then again, executions were the free entertainment of the afternoon. And it wasn’t everyday that the emperor was able to execute a traitor to his fledging empire.

A man grunted as Sage sidled in next to him at the front, where a line of rope indicated where the civilians should stop. There were guards around, but they were focused on the platform, to stop anyone from interfering in the proceedings. they were interested in the ragtag citizens unless they started trouble.

With the crowd pressing in on her back, Sage saw that she had timed things well as a man came out onto the execution and started reading out a long document detailing the crimes that the condemned had committed and why the sentence was death.

She had no interest in this bit, and looked to the courtyard entrance where the most guards were clustered. From the downward slope of the tunnel, that was the one which would lead down to the dungeons, and when she caught sight of her brother, she knew that she was correct.

He was standing up straight, a proud tilt to his head, even though his walk was restricted to a shuffle by manacles.

Such a noble pose. Such an idiot.

Gearing up for April

Turns out April is going to be  busy month for me!

I’m busy gearing up for two challenges – Camp NaNoWriMo, my writing challenge, and A to Z, a blogging challenge. See the badges on the right for more info (they link to the relevant websites).

Camp NaNo: I’m deciding to do another book, because that’s what comes easiest to me. I could do some flash fiction, but I want to get back into the swing of writing since I am trying to edit another novel currently, but seem to have hit a bit of a stalling point, so I’m going to use this month of April to start a new novel. Strangely enough, the advice I’ve been given is when you hit a block with one novel, take a break and start another one, and then you’ll get the creativity flowing again which will help you and make you want to go back to your unfinished novel. We’ll see how that goes. But yes, I’ve decided to write the book which I’m calling Eidetic, which is about a poor commoner girl who’s only talent is perfect memory. Her mother dies, and her father and brothers are off fighting in a rebellion so she has to deal with being all on her own in a society where women are second class citizens, and with her own feelings of abandonment set in a world where people struggle to control magical items retrieved from labyrinths (or mazes technically, labyrinths just sound cooler). So I’m writing up some short notes on that, about characters, setting and basic plot point before I start tomorrow. I don’t like planning too much, but it helps to have consistent names for lots of characters.

A to Z: I’ve got my ideas together so at least I will have something for each day to do with the appropriate letter. Some of them are a bit of a stretch, but some letters are just awkward (I’m looking at you here, X). I have also worked out how to set up posts to post at a specific time rather than immediately, which will be handy when I go away to Empire halfway through the month.

April is going to be very awesome for other reasons as well, not in the least because it’s going to be the Easter holiday’s, and I only work term time so I get a nice two weeks off. This means daily lie ins, and lots of time to work on projects, such as the ones above, but also sewing projects, some creative projects I’ve got planned. Just time to do the things which I can’t when I’m working.

And then Easter weekend is the first Empire of the year and I am so looking forward to that, it is going to be freaking epic. I’ve repaired some bits of my kit, the new tent has arrived, and now that  the trip to Manchester/Spring National has happened, I can actually pour effort into finding all of my kit and making sure that it’s in tip top condition. Or rather, in character appropriate condition. Mud is the best for Navaar.

In short, I am rather looking forward to April – can’t wait for tomorrow to arrive (the anticipation is sweet, but starting even sweeter)


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