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Dragon Song

The Dragons Are Singing Tonight by Jack Prelustky

Tonight is the night all the dragons
Awake in their lairs underground, 
To sing in cacophonous chorus
And fill the whole world with their sound.
They sing of the days of their glory,
They sing of their exploits of old,
Of maidens and knights, and of fiery fights,
And guarding vast caches of gold.

Some of their voices are treble,
And some of their voices are deep,
But all of their voices are thunderous,
And no one can get any sleep.
I lie in my bed and I listen, 
Enchanted and filled with delight,
To song i can hear only one night a year –
The dragons are singing tonight.

For a while now I’ve been trying to work out whether Dragons themselves are drawn to music or singing. Since quite a few of them have hoards that contains musical instruments, it’s certainly a possibility. But as I have been exploring, it seems to me that although dragons themselves might love music, they rarely sing or make music themselves. I suppose that having claws on your hands and a throat built for breathing fire is a bit of a hindrance.

But just because dragons themselves do not tend to make music, does not mean that music and other musical activities have not been made around them.

singing dragonsThe above poem (and the one that starts this post off) is by Jack Prelustky, who has even written a book by the same name ‘The Dragons are Singing Tonight’, which is a collection of poems and art about dragons. I haven’t read it, but I do intend to try and track down a copy to correct this.

Dragonsong is the third book in the Riders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey (and the first of the Harper Hall books) in which Menolly meets her fair of fire-lizards, and teaches them how to sing and hum along with the rest of Harper Hall, a place where Harpers live to make music and spread stories over Pern. As with the rest of the Pern series, it is an enchanting read, and if you ahven’t, I really would suggest giving them a read. (The first book in the series is Dragonflight).

Puff the Magic Dragon is of course one of the more famous songs about a dragon. Based on a poem that was written by Leonard Lipton in 1959, a friend of his, Peter Yarrow turned it into a song that was performed by his band Peter, Paul and Mary. Despite large speculation that the song contained veiled references to drugs and smoking, the band and writer have firmly stated that it is not about that at all, and is indeed about the obvious topic of growing up and losing innocence and imagination, as Puff is left all by himself when his playmate grows up.

Speaking of songs, searching youtube linked me to this amusing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfERdhRCUps “Dragons – A minecraft parody song.” and the song that they used to parody it is Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragon are an alternative band from Nevada that I am fond of, and Radioactive is their most well-known song. Other highlights of their music include: Bleeding Out, It’s Time & Demons. Forming in 2008 they broke through in 2012, and were Billboards breakthrough band of 2013.

Other references to dragons and songs are included in games. For instance Zelda: Skyward Sword (A game I have and should really get around to playing at some point) contains the Song of the Fire Dragon, Song of the Thunder Dragon and the Song of the Water dragon. The three dragons oversee the surface world, each having a province named after them. Link has to learn all three songs of the dragons to make up the Song of the Hero and obtain the triforce. Knowing there are dragons in the game makes me really want to knuckle down and play it. As long as I can clear some space for swinging the sword/wii remote.

Another favourite of mine, although I have never managed to be there in person, is the Fey Dragon event in wow. Every 5-6 hours, seven little Fey Dragons will appear and sing a little song around a ring of mushrooms in a hidden corner of Tirisfal Glade. Fey dragons are particularly cute in the first place, so I find this magical.

Can anyone else think of any dragon related songs or music?

Well, this tells you how good I am at keeping to these things. March now it is, but at least I haven’t forgotten it. And the tablet during lunch hour makes everything so much better.

Song’s don’t really remind me of people per se. Songs remind me of characters, books, or something like that. For instance, Starships by Nikki Minaj always reminds me of a web comic called Magellan. Shake it up by Florence and the Machine is for Gunnerkrigg Court, also a web comic.

Any song by Linkin Park usually takes me to my Pirate character, for the themes of revolution. Strangely, any song in a differnet language takes me to Willow, my first character. don’t know why,  but it might be because a lot of the foreign songs I have are also metal esque and that fits in with her twisted bad-ass-ness.

So yeah, there’s a few off the top of my head. There are many more, but I would have to listen to my iPod, and singing along at the top of my voice is not appropriate in a quiet work office.

I really like music, so there’s a lot of music that I listen to and often I associate songs with certain story that I am thinking of or writing, so I less often associate them with emotions.

One that makes me happy. Hmm, happy.

Well, on my music player at the moment is a mix of things, from rock and pop to some K-pop and anime music.

Happy may be a bit of a strech, but there are two songs which never fail to get me smiling and moving my feet:
Ain’t it fun – Paramore (because it’s got a catchy tune and I like the slice of reality in there)
Move – Little Mix (It’s just a damn catchy song)

So there we go, two songs which get me smiling.


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