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Well this one is easy, roleplaying. It takes up most of my social time, I have to say, and generally keeps me sane.

What I am in at the moment. Couple of tabletop games, Rogue Trader, Second Sight and Mirrors. I’m also thinking of running my own tabletop game, and seeing how I like GMing and STing.

Live games, there is Shades of Norwich Requiem, Mage, Sabbat, IoD Mage, IoD Changeling at the moment. No more prospects thank god because I would need to find some more time to play them. Although they are nice and spaced out.

LARP is on Sunday’s, still going, still plodding along.

I like roleplaying, it allows me to be things that I’m usually not, and there is so much possibility, and we sometimes have some emotional things going on, like a scene we just did yesterday for Changeling, which is going to be a good thing to think how to roleplay through and how my character would react to everything that happened. It’s going to make the game on Sunday great 😀

Another one of these? Just looked down the list and there are … 5! of these days. Someone was feeling lazy when they wrote this list. Okay, so for this one you’re going to get a list of character I currently have in everything, all tabletops, live games and LARP! So get ready for a long list.

Live Games:

  • Requiem: Ryanne Hakuru – a Socialtic Deava Cronite
  • Sabbat: Tem – the Modern Vampire, Lasombra
  • Mage: Sara – Euthanatos Assassin
  • IoD Mage: Animus/ Dr Millie Sheldon – Mind Mage
  • IoD Changeling: Zephyr – Airtouched Elemental Dancer
  • GodShock: Aroona – Goddess of the Hunt and Predatory Animals
  • Echo Bazaar: Hannah – Amoral Tomb Colonist


  • Leaf (Leaves on the Breeze) – Ranger
  • Alu – Poison Scout
  • Seraphina – Invoker of Luck
  • Lily – Water Mage
  • Lady Jaine – Paladin of the Lady of the Dawn and the Newborn Sky
  • Blaize – Bringer of Fiery Justice
  • NPC – Turtle Mage!


  • Pirates Fate Game: Rose Sangria – Insane Navigator
  • Mortals: Charlie Tarburt – Gunsmith
  • DnD: Arisar – Down to Earth Ranger

This list just proves to me that I play a lot of games. No, I don’t consider this too many games. You can never have too many games.


Ooops. So there wasn’t as much blogging as I had intended there to be over the weekend. I apologise. Actually I didn’t get on the internet at all yesterday, because there was no internet around IoD venue.

So saturday: woke up, went into town and got a haircut. I like getting haircuts, my hair feels all light and nice afterwards. And then I did a bit of christmas shopping, although the list of people I have to get gifts for keeps on growing and growing. Need several more trips before I’m done I think. And then it was sabbat in the evening. Sabbat was awesome, since we got to finally go and storm the Giovanni’s castle, and I got to do some awesome hacking of the system, and managed to get wraith.exe (we had to shunt a ghost out of the computer and I downloaded him onto a floppy disk – data ghost!) and then we got to go and kill the big Giovanni and we beat him (the final blow coming from hunter who was a ghoul at that point) and then we got to rite of the carmine chalice him and we all got a generation drop from it – 8th gen! I can buy post-advanced disciplines! And I get to learn path of blood so that I can artificially drop my generation. Dominate crazy here I go!

Sunday: IoD day. Woke up, went into town and then got to play mage and changeling all day. My changeling character is so much fun. And my mage is pretty cool, she’s a psychologist who already has some work fixing the mental damage some people did to a young girl who had newly awakened. And my changeling is in a dance production which everyone in the court is encouraged to come and see. Also insanity is the most fun to role play.

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