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End of 2011

So it’s the end of the year, and I have to say, where the hell did it go?!? Seriously, I can remember back to summer and that doesn’t seem like it was long ago at all, even though I’ve had a whole semester of university since then. Although I don’t remember the first half of the year all that well.

Quick review of the year!

January:  Year of Indulgence begins! Many 101 theme challenges. First 7/8 Character in LARP. Tonsilitis.

February: More 101 theme challenges. Hot Water Bottles. 24 Hour! I vow to never do the food order again. Early morning ramblings

March: 100th Post! Anime. Mafia popularity explodes. In the Hive. Graphics 1 Coursework. Seriously – Mumps? I had my jabs! Up to 47.

April: Still ill. From Wales to Strom in short succession. 2 updates on 101 Theme Challenge, I was slipping.

May: Exam time! Filled with revision, apathy and the drive to do everything but revise. World of warcraft.

June: More Strom! Scotland! Boredom results in Cleaning! Tuna BBQ!

July: 54. Stars. Tabletops. World of Warcraft. First level 8 character in LARP, all the 7/8’s in the world. Away from Norwich, back home. Strom again.

August: Moved into a new house, lovely new house. Boyfriend in hospital. Birthday and Underwear!

September: Laziness to the extreme! Also Geology in Greece, stupid hot weather. Start of the new term, lectures, pub crawls and all the rest.

October: Illness, unproductive due to world of warcraft. Mondays are not their own fault. Unhealthy food is the best. Careers fair – eek! I’m actually growing up.

November: Anime, NaNoWriMo, writing, lots of coursework and projects, go-go-go-go!

December: Unplanned date, finished coursework, yipee! DnD on monday nights. Back home for christmas, roasts, presents and family all followed. Should have posted more this year. Will try for bi-weekly updates at the very least next year!


So here’s to a good year gone, a better one to come, and many happy returns all round!

All moved in.

I have just finished putting up all my posters in my nice new shiny room in my nice new shiny house. Well, it;s not all shiny, the doors are a little stiff (my wardrobe door is incredibly stiff, needs a proper yank), and the toilet makes a weird noise when flushed. Not a bad noise, just an odd one. But apart from that it’s all good. My room is actually huge this year, it;s so amazing, and I have a king sized bed, which is just the best thing ever, it’s soooo big, and I get to collapse on it whenever I want to and it’s bouncy, and I love it. I also have a decent sized bookshelf, although my desk is a little small and sort of awkward as I have to sit right to one side or scrap the drawer which I have already done several times. Also a little low for my tastes, but nothing’s perfect.

My back is killing me though. We have stairs of death again (really really steep small stairs) and after carrying all my heavy boxes up them yesterday my back is actually screaming death at me. I also had to pop into town to get a drawer unit for the wardrobe since it had no shelves for my underwear and things (it’s built-in with two rails and nothing else, but is quite big so meh) and that was awkward to carry home. So my back doesn’t like me currently.

Maelstrom was alright, a bit meh for the first couple of days, but I had great fun on the Sunday when we went into the forest and found some people to sacrifice to Jaguar. Made me think about the next character I want to play, and what I want to do with my current character. I think it was boring because I had nothing to do all weekend, so I might go get myself devoted to play the religion game which is a big part of maelstrom I’m missing out on, and there’s a new opening that I could insert myself into if circumstances allow which would give me lots to do, although I’m not sure how fun it would be. Although I am having fun thinking of what to play next. It’s probably going to be an ophidian (snake person) as native seems to be the game to play, and looks like tremendous amounts of fun. But yes, there were lots and lots of undead attacks, so the death count was high again, and two UEA larpers died, which incidentally was the amount I predicted coming up in the car to strom.

Thing I get to look forward to happening this week: Since I have the car I get to take that back to my mother and have lunch with her on thursday, and then in the evening is mortals game which I am psyched about (despite being texted at 7:30am this morning about it). On friday is Jane’s birthday party and I’m making her a cake for it. Then LARP on sunday is going to be the water dragon mission, which I may or may not go on, it depends if any of my characters get invited or not. In summary – good thing have happened, good week ahead 🙂

Was going to go up to malestrom today, but having had a rearrangement of plans, I’m going up tomorrow instead, which give me another 24 hours to prepare, and just have a bit of time off from doing things, and also means that I have had the time to make cakes for strom, which I have been saying I would do for a while now. So tonight I get to go into town and get some things for toppings to make them all nice and pretty since I have icing and food colouring already, but I can get some jelly diamonds and things.

Home was good, if a little unorganised. Mum was having the little loo redone, so she was kinda concentrating on that, but me and the girls have decided we want to go to Thorpe Park at the end of summer, so I shall be going back home for a brief time to re-visit people.

So, maelstrom tomorrow. And I’m not quite as excited for it as I think I should be. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow when I’m actually on the field and have had another night of sleep and don’t feel so rushed. And this time I have cakes. Only problem now is finding enough containers to take them with me.

Going to go and play some WoW now, as I haven’t played it in a while. Also being dragged to a WoW card tournament tonight, but I know who’s going to be there so it shouldn’t be that bad. Get to socialise. Okay, signing off for the weekend! Will be back on tuesday (probably) after maelstrom and moving house since I have to move into my new house on monday! Good times.


Back from Strom!!!!!!

It was awesome, but the come down from it has been so hard since I had an exam today. Trying to negate it by planning some new outfits for the next character(s) I plan to play. Not to say I plan to kill off my current character, but this is strom, and there is always a chance of dying, and so it kinda pays to have a backup character planned. My current character is a dracosian talismancer, and I’m picking up some tasty things this downtime, and making some tasty things as well for people who I like. But I’m planning a backup, who’s a wemic (cat person) and Jane was talking to me earlier and was trying to persuade me to come in playing an Ophidian character with her next concept, which I could do, and I have had an idea along those lines. So we’ll have to see when it comes down to it. Thing about the ophidian is I’ll be able to play it straight away, as they costume wouldn’t be too hard, whereas the wemic would have to involve more costume and work, so if I died at an event, I wouldn’t be able to play the wemic immediately, but I like creating characters anyway, so it’s not all bad.

But yes, game just gone, we ran around for some time, then the Red Brood did something very silly and stupid and pushed everyone over the edge and all got killed. Well, the five of them that were there on the field got killed. Which is a victory of sorts since they were annoying us for some time. Other things that happened were undead popping up everywhere, and I was in the middle of the first one, where they came through the Novac’s tornament and starting hitting people randomly. Dexy almost got killed, and her male Tomaken did get killed, which was sad, and there was an interesting part when Vash was detected as soul pacted and the stupid frieboden over-reacted and dropped him to the floor. Luckily they didn’t kill him, and he was alright in the end. All in all, a fairly death filled event. I think there were about 70 deaths in total, not counting the randomers in the forest that may have escaped notice. I feel good after Strom. Looking forward to the next one already. Or rather, just planning for the next one, and getting some costume together.

Had my last exam this morning as well, huzzah! I am now done for the year, and have just found out that we’ll have results by mid-July. So now I shall probably go looking for a job since I would like some money to see me through the summer and into next year. SHall probably re-write my CV tonight and then go around and see who’s hiring tomorrow. Someone told me that La Senza were hiring last week, so I shall have to check to see if they still are.

Until then I shall ahve to find some things to occupy me. If I can find a decent graphics card, I can go fix up a computer and start playing World of Warcraft again. And work on various costumes, so I can keep myself occupied. I hope.

Already planning for next strom 🙂 Although I have just remembered I have to move out of my house at the end of the month. MAy ahve to book tranportation for that day…..


As you might be able to tell, I am slightly excited because tomorrow I am going to maelstrom. I know it won’t actually start until friday, but we get to go and sit in the field early, and get fairly drunk in the evening. Or at least, so I’m told. I’ve never actually been up that early, and this is only my third event after all.

Spent today packing and revising, so running around the house getting everything I need together, remembering last-minute things, going into town to fetch them, remembering even more things (I nearly forgot to pack underwear, and my contacts. Both quite vital.) and then spending a few hours revising, and printing some things off so that I can take all my notes with me to strom. It;s a shame I have an exam on the monday, but at least this means that it’ll come and go fairly quickly.

Also tried to snazz again today. I know what I’m going to do now for my snazz, at least on my face, which is the important part, although I do keep smudging it, which is probably a product of too much water with the snazz apparently. I’ll probably get better with practice. I hope I will anyway. Only problem is I’m using black snazz, so it leaves black smudges everywhere, and makes me look fairly dark after I’ve wiped it away as well. Showers are definitely in order.

Hopefully at strom I’ll get some good food in me as well. Some square meals a day, not sure how many, but some. I know someone’s planning to bring cooking implements, and make stew at some point, BBQ may be an option, and then there’s the caterer’s. And some chocolate. Haven’t had chocolate in forever. Well, actually, I think I’m just craving it a lot at the moment.

But anyway, strom, and good things will happen I am sure, and some bad things, but hopefully they should avoid us. Looking at the camping arrangements we seem to have been placed in a good spot. Lots of traffic for the bar. I don’t know if I have a goal for this event. I know I need to go to the bittermoon tea house and actually try some of their cake and tea and stuff. They were all booked out last event. But apart from that, no goal as such, just things to do. Last event my goal was to learn the currency. I might try to get out a bit more this game, go around and look at more places, see if I can get out and about some more, introduce myself to more people. I met some nice facet’s last time in the caterporium. Meeting people is so fun.

STROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In short: I can’t wait!!!!!

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