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98. Worry

Raquel sat on the edge of the school roof. It was the highest building on the island, and built on a slight hill, so from here she could see for miles upon end, almost from one coast to the other, although it was a little smudged on the horizon. A storm was rolling in from the sea. It promised to be a big one.
She turned over the locket that Light had given her. It was loosely cupped in her hands.

Light had told her not to worry. What a waste of breath that had been. Of course Raquel was going to worry about her.

A phone call away, she had said. Well the number wasn’t working, it just went straight to voice mail, and that had started a week ago. No postcard either, saying sorry I broke the phone. It didn’t take a genius to work out that something, somewhere, had gone wrong.

And all Raquel could do was worry.

It was why she hated her sister so much. For just leaving her here, with nothing to do except worry about her. Even though she knew what Light was doing and why, and how it was good that she had a normal life to come back to. She hated worrying. And she hated her twin for making her worry all the time.

43. For You

43. For You (01/11/10)

“Hold out your hands.”

Raquel looked up at her twin. “Huh?”

“Hold out your hands. Please?”

She gave Light an odd look, but held out both her hands in front of her anyway.

Light took something out of her back pocket, but kept it cover under she dropped it in her twin’s hands. It felt cold and metallic, and then Light took her hands away and Raquel saw it was a locket. She examined it, noting the fine chain and intricate engraving on the front. When she found the catch and opened it she found a picture of the two of them inside. It was one of her favourite pictures, having spent most of its lifetime in a frame by her bedside. Engraved on the opposite sides were the words together in spirit.

“Oh Light.”

“It’s for you. A present. Just to say that even when I have to go away, I’m never really far from you. I can’t be.”

Raquel unclasped the chain and put the locket around her neck, then got up and hugged her twin. She hated it when she had to go, but this let her know that Light hated it as much as she did, and although they may be apart in distance, they could never truly be separated from each other.

6. Empty Threat

6. Empty Threat (01/02/10)

“Dammit Light, when are you going to stop this?” Raquel complained.

Her twin looked at her from over the counter. “I can’t stop anything if you don’t tell me what I should be stopping.”

“Going off whenever you feel like it, and never getting in contact. It’s not fair to me.”

“You know why I have to go, and I don’t keep in regular contact because sometimes I can’t. You should know by now that it hurts me as much as it hurts you, but I have to do this. For everyone’s sake.”

Raquel sniffed and turned away. “I should just stop talking to you, if you’re not going to stop.”

“That’s an empty threat and we both know it.” Light came up and hugged her twin from behind. “There’s nothing going on right now, so I can stay here as long as that lasts, which should be a long time considering what’s just happened.”

Raquel sniffed again. “Promise you won’t go anywhere before our birthday?”

Light smiled, “Promise. We’ve still got to show those boy’s of yours what we can do.”

Her twin turned around and hugged her back. “True.” She murmured. For now it was enough that Light was here, and she was going to enjoy it while it lasted, for Light was right. She could never sever ties with her – it was always an empty threat.


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