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Book Wyrms

The next kickstarter arrived! As followers of this blog will know, I am a big fan of an artist by the name of Jessica Feinburg, and the beautiful book collections she runs through kickstarter. And Book Wyrms has arrived!


As you might be able to tell, I was really excited about this particular project, because I like writing and books and all those surrounding topics and now I have dragons to do with books!

It’s quite a bumper collection, I did splash out a little. The book and cards are there, bookmarks, and prints, but I also got badges and stickers and a ketchain to put on my bag and a larger print of this gorgeous woodland library.


Need to find a space on my wall for it, but I love it quite a lot. She’s got another kickstarter live at the moment for another colouring book which I have of course backed. Colouring in is great, especially dragons. That, and her bext project is going to be birthstone dragons, so I’ll have to see what I pick up when that one goes live.

The collection of dragons grows ever larger!

Dragon Oracle

My latest kickstarter arrived! Jessica Feinburg did something a bit different to her usual book and cards, and instead made an Oracle deck out of her artwork!


I of course sprung for some extras, book and clockwork card expansions, and that lovely playmat that you can see beneath all the cards. It’s gorgeous, and I look forward to using it for other card games as well ^_^

As well as the deck of cards, it comes with reading guides (those cards down bottom left) to help you do some readings with the cards. And helpfully, all the cards have their meaning written on the bottom, no need to have to keep referring to a tiny little booklet!

IMG_20160721_114156 IMG_20160721_114132








Needless to say, I am very happy with this latest kickstarter, and I plan to do a fair few readings with it. And I’m sure I can use it as a prop in one of the games I play in since I play a Seer, which should be lots of fun.


This is the back of the cards and the design on the playmat – super gorgeous!

Spirit Dragons

Another Kickstarter had arrived!


As I have featured many times on this blog before, Jessica Feinburg, a supremely talents artist, is doing a series of field guides based around dragons and other rare elemental creatures. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Clockwork have all come before and proudly sit on my bookshelf. And now, Spirit Dragons joins them!

It’s making the door to my study pretty impressive, as I use the art from the postcards to make a collage:


The one from the spirit dragons is technically a bumper sticker, but it’s so awesome. It says “Don’t make me call the Dragons” ^_^ I love it.

Of course, she’s not stopping here either. Her next book project is going to be Book Wyrms! Literary dragons! I’m so very, very happy. But the project she’s got which is currently live is an Oracle Deck which is not a tarot deck, but is similar, and it features artwork from previous projects on the cards. It looks magnificent, so I have of course placed a pledge for a bunch of stuff from it.

Very much looking forward to seeing the artwork that comes from her next! Book dragons!

Ice & Colouring Dragons

I do love getting parcels in the post, as I am sure that most people do. Especially when said parcels contain lovely dragon goodness!


Jessica Feinburg is continuing on with her series of Elemental Dragons and Other Rare Creatures, and pictured here is Ice Dragons. Actually, it’s two different kickstarters, since she also ran a short one to fund a colouring book that you can see in the middle. It’s got a lot of her previous and current artwork in it, but all black and white, like the two postcards in the top right, for colouring in. And I am very much looking forward to that ^_^

Her next campaign has already gone live as well, and I am particular excited for it – Spirit Dragons! Lots of lovely ethereal dragons and beings. Trying to convince myself that I don’t need to buy all of the things, but I probably do, I am quite excited for this one. And all the time my shelves are growing ever bigger with the weight of dragons on them.

Dragon Loot

So, Christmas was recent, and I know that I’ve shown you a bunch of my dragon kickstarters before now. Add the two together, and what do I have? Lots more dragons for my dragon hoard!

Yes, I have a hoard of dragons.

Firstly, I received, as a present from my partner’s family (they have a lot of family members, so they do this huge secret santa swap instead of individual presents, and I was included) this huge, and I mean huge, cardboard dragon model. Assembly required. I really love that sort of thing, really easy but makes me feel kind of crafty and it looks great when it’s done.

Dragon 1

Then today, I had the tricky task of hanging it up. But I think it looks quite good up there, and it definitely frees up space.

Dragon 3

Very nice, hanging in the corner of my study. And my ceiling is high, and I am of average height, so no head bumping will occur.

The second part really is a whole package of loot, straight from the lovely artist that I have featured on this blog before – Jessica Feinburg. She’s an American artist who’s done a whole series of kickstarters of dragon and other fantastical creature guides. Water, Fire, Baby, Clockwork, Earth and now, Air.

Air Dragon


So, you can see, I have the book of Air Dragons & other rare sky creatures, a deck of cards, some art cards and bookmarks. Those are the fairly standard things that I get from her projects. But, this project had quite a few extras. There’s the egg and feathers guides, the mini decks of cards, the feather poster and egg poster (not shown) as well as a set of dragon eggs and official dragon club membership card and badge!

It’s a huge bunch of stuff, and it’s awesomely cool ^_^, she’s a very talented artist. And this wasn’t her last project. Currently active is one for ice and snow dragons, and she has plans to do more unusual breeds in the future. The posters are up on my wall, and the art card has gone up it the remaining space , and the eggs are displayed on my bookcase.


Dragon Door

Oh, and I also got a huge dragon book, and a dragons shaped cake tin for Christmas, so even more dragons now live in my home.

I hope your hoards are growing as much as mine are!

Baby Dragons

My latest kickstarter, the next in the series of dragon books from the most wonderful artist.

Baby Dragon Kickstarter

This one came with a lovely optional extra – a how to draw and paint book! Most of my artistic pursuits lie in the writing direction, but I do dabble in other stuff. Sewing at the moment. Lots of sewing.

But it is very cute, and that egg bookmark is also a postcard on my study door, and the wallpaper on my computer 🙂

Earth Dragons, her next kickstarter, is live with a week left to go. If anyone else is interested.

Dragon Crate

My latest kickstarter arrived! In all it’s dragon glory.


I really love the coin.

Water Dragons

So much tidying! And I still haven’t done the kitchen yet.

But what this means is that I am exhausted, so today is a fairly simple post. I went back and found that I hadn’t told you about one of the awesome kickstarters I received a while back.

It’s called Water Dragons and other Rare Aquatic Creatures, by Jessica Feinburg.


It is was the field guide, a pack of cards, book marks, art prints and a sticker. All in all, a lovely little pile of dragon goodies. And all of it, the art and the book and the words, every single of bit of it was made by Jessica. She is an incredibly talented artist, and the book is really amazing.

And the best? This was the first in a series she is doing. I’ve already backed the next one, Fire Dragons and other Rare Creatures is in it’s last hours on kickstarter and is at 290%, so backing it now means you definitely get your stuff, including stretch goals. Find it here.

The others in the series are going to be Earth, Air and Metal, although I don’t know precisely which order. And if you do miss fire or water, the guides and cards are some other bits are up for grabs on her website (or amazon for the field guides). So I’m definitely backing all of those in the future. And I’ll be looking forward to getting my fire stuff in the post!

More Kickstarter

Man, food poisoning sucks. Yeah, that’s what I spent my weekend with. Hence lack of anything resembling a post.

In more pleasant news, I’ve found this kickstarter I want to tell you about. It’s a game about writing. Two of my favourite things bundled up into one neat little package. I was excited when I found it.

It’s called Elegy for a Dead World, it’s currently funded to the tune of two stretch goals with 28 hours to go. So if you fancy getting what looks like a neat little game for $10, check it out here.



Writing Update

Okay, so real life got in the way and I have let my writing habits slip. Turns out I’m not much of a habit former, but I kind of knew that already. Had a job for over a year now and I am STILL not used to getting up in the mornings. I hate mornings.

First things first, a small apology. I have not been keeping up with the schedule that I set for the 100 Theme Challenge. I promised to do two a week, which means that I should be on 37/38 this week, but I have only just published 31. So, expect quite a few more themes to be published in the coming week or two so that I can catch up with myself and get back on track with that. I also hope that you have been enjoying the themes so far.

Novels. I have stalled with my Novel. After the Garth Nix author event I was rather fired up, but I haven’t done anything with it yet, and this morning was the first time I’ve looked at that novel in a few weeks, I’ll admit. I did however start editing again, so hopefully I can pick it back up and start getting through it. I still have the hope that I’ll be showing it to a select number of people by the end of the year, which I can do if I put some hard work into it!

Talking about Novels, I’ve been using this great software called Novlr. I think I talked about it before. It went to kickstarter to get some funding, but it’s not doing so well and there are only a few hours left! If you like simple design and a focus on writing then it’s really great. If you think you might fancy it, have a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/novlr/novlr-novel-writing-simply?ref=nav_search And yes, this is a bit of a shameless plug, but I really do want this to fund, so I’m just leaving the link here, and if you want to follow it, please do.

I have some novels on the backburner, but I’m not really thinking about them yet. Focusing on the current WIP.

However, with NaNoWriMo on the horizen, one of them might come out an get some time to shine! I think I know which one I might pick for this year, but I have a history of changing my mind. I do like NaNo, with all the people and the competitiveness and the charts and the numbers and the writing. I might even try and make it to some physical write in’s this year. And then I remember I don’t have a laptop and that makes it much much harder. Maybe soon I can get one. Maybe soon.

I also have another writing project which I have just started. Considering that’s all I’m going to say about it, I don’t know why I’m mentioning it, except that it is something that I’m doing with the readers of this blog in mind, so wait awhile and you should see what comes of that! (Warning, a while is probably likely to be in the months sort of time frame. I have a lot of projects on the go right now!)

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