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Four hours on a train. Again. I like trains, but I don’t particularly like wrecking my back and shoulders carrying my oh so heavy backpack, bag and a pillow (okay so this one wasn’t heavy, it just required an extra hand to carry) between trains and up my street. Thank Lord I am back in Norwich again, with everything in its proper place. Apart from the washing up. I knew I forgot to do something before I went home for the holidays. At least all the food was binned, just plates that need scrubbing.

But my room is all clean, and I have a boyfriend coming round this evening so I may ask nicely for a back-rub. Also he may be taking me to one of the big supermarkets to see if we can find rotisserie chickens at discount price. Apparently if they still have chickens when it get late at night then they slash the price to sell them off that night. And I like little hot chickens. It helps that I need to go to a supermarket anyway because I have nothing in the fridge, I ate it all before I went home.

Back in Norwich! Still have to do work and everything, and tackle more job applications, now that I’m here I can look through all of the paper leaflets I got a the careers fair I went to back in October, but it’s IoD and LARP at the weekend, which means I can do things on the weekend again! And I’ve got a little while before term starts again to get myself back on track for work, on top of revision and generally in the mood for a new term.

Can’t wait til my housemate gets back though, house is a little empty and lonely without him.


Spent most of today working on job applications for graduate jobs. So far today I’ve applied for two, and I’m wrestling with the application form (because IBM just have to have their own form *rolleyes*) for a third. I’ve had my eyes on the jobs for a while now, but waited until my mother had cast her eye over my CV and made suggestions before applying. Also there were a number of those “application questions” I had to fill in and I wanted to make sure I sounded okay. You know the ones I mean, those ones which are meant to show off your potential but are really annoying to actually answer because coming up with examples, let alone different examples for each freaking question, drives me to smash me head against a wall. Frequently. I think it’s why I take such pleasure in reading online application forms that have been filled in with what we actually want to put on these forms when we fill them out.

Nevertheless, I filled them out entirely reasonably and in line with what prospective employers will be looking for. Although I am still struggling with the IBM form which has half a dozen of these things loaded in, extra tricky style. I mean, where on earth in my life have I demonstrated “Adaptability” or “Effective Communication”, or even “Initiative or Creative Problem Solving”. I mean, I’m sure I have all those skills, but coming up with perfect examples that I would want to say to prospective employers? Proving immensely difficult. I’m sure I’ll find them in the end, but most of these examples can be covered by that one month I did in Ecuador, however I don’t want to use that example more than once, otherwise that looks repetitive and dull.

Anyhow tonight is my last night at home with my Mum, so we’re ordering chinese. So now I’m going to stop being so anti-social and go downstairs and spend some time with my mother. I expect to be back up here later, if only because I have yet to valour cap for the week on WoW.


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