Of course weekends don’t count as days. It’s not that me and the partner got very lazy and decided that leaving the house or doing anything remotely active was not for us this weekend. Of course not.

Okay, I left the house to go to the corner shop. And I made a coat. But apart from that it was the laziest weekend I’ve had in a long time. We were planning to go look at buying a new car, but we both decided that we hadn’t had a free weekend in such a long time, that all we wanted to do was stay in. Played video games, I did a sewing project (nearly finished, I just need to go and buy some more eyelets – I mangled the ones I had) and I watched a lot of Netflix whilst doing so. It was a good weekend, making Monday all the more harsh.


Today, we shall be talking about food, and considering I am writing this before lunch, it’s going to make me very hungry.

  1. Sushi. Yeah, this is what, the third time this has come up? I love it, it is super tasty, I want to go pretty much daily, actually do have it weekly, and my favourite restaurant for it is Yo!Sushi (although I do admit that there are other sushi restaurants, and they can also be tasty).
  2. IMG_3138Panini’s. There are two in particular I love. One comes from my workplace – the staff cafe does this gorgeous bacon, brie and cranberry one. And the other comes from a small independent bakery just down the road from where I live – chicken and bacon (although the tuna melt one isn’t half bad either). Again, I tend to have one a week. Tuesday’s I stop past the bakery on the way home from work, and Friday’s I treat myself to the staff cafe one. I’m trying to eat healthier, which means cutting down on the amount of bread I eat.
  3. bacon-brie-cranberryFish and Chips. Classically British, I occasionally substitute out the fish for fish cakes, depending on my mood, but there’s nothing like layering salt and vinegar over chips, squeezing the lemon on the fish, and then taking in filling mouthfuls of the lot.
  4. FishChips_Poster_720x430px_1Cheesecake. There are so many different cheesecakes out there, it’s a huge variety in one little word. A particular favourite of mine is a white and dark chocolate marble one that Waitrose sell. I haven’t had a slice in ages (but that’s because the Norwich Waitrose is completely out of my way, I still love the cake). The cafe at work had a nice vanilla one the other week, and I can make a mean chocolate orange one. I love a slice with berry compote as well. So many different types!
  5. IPLM023Apples. Apple fruit, apple juice, apple pie, apple crumble. Apple juice is my go to drink of choice (although at the moment I’m drinking orange juice because my fridge is broken and orange tastes better at room temp). Apples are one of the few fruits I will actually eat (I’m more of a vegetable girl) and I love apple based deserts like crumbles and pie, especially with a dollop of ice cream. Very good memories of my Dad baking some up of a Sunday afternoon for after the roast dinner.Bramley-apple-crumble-01_5

Photorific post today, but you kind of have to when talking about food. Only forty minutes to go until lunch. I can probably hold on that long, but my stomach is certainly rumbling after talking about my favourite foods!