Ah Wednesday. I like this half of the week. And this week it’s even better than normal, because I’m on a later on Friday as well. Extra half hour in bed for me! Being on the late today also meant that I got to be in for the parcel that arrived at my door this morning. More dragons! I got the latest in the dragon field guides that I’ve been kickstarting. This time – Earth Dragons and Creatures! And the next one, Clockwork, should be going live today! Noon over in Arizona means…*quickly googles time zones*…8pm over in the UK. Awesome.

I have now pre-registered and paid my tuition fees, so I officially have my place on the Masters course!

My cough is still hanging around, annoyingly. I keep on seeing things that make me laugh and just end up coughing instead. Hope it goes away soon.

And now, onto the topic of today – films! You get to know my three favourite films in the world.


  1. How to Train Your Dragon. So I even need to go on? I’ve talked about it here, here and here. I also recently did a blog post about How to Train Your Dragon for the library blog where I work. find that here. I’ve been making dragon themed blog posts for the library blog to tie into the GoGoDragons which is starting THIS SUNDAY!!!! Eh hem. I can be calm about this, I swear.
  2. Spirited Away. Actually, talking about the library blog, I also did a review of some of the DVDs we have that contain dragons. But I haven’t talked about this one here, so I will. I love Studio Ghibli films, the animations and the stories are fantastic. I’ve started building up my collection, and I’ve borrowed several from the library, but my favourite is Spirited Away, and not just because there’s a dragon in it. The main character, Chihiro, is a slightly bored and definitely unimpressed child who is not happy at moving houses, away from all her friends. She is then thrust into the spirit realm where she has to toughen up fast, so that she can saved her parents, herself, and get back to her own world. The cast is large and intricate, the story is fantastically well told, the animation is outstanding, and I love this film a lot. I’m planning to have a bit of a Ghibli marathon tomorrow on my day off, and this is definitely on the list to watch.
  3. Avengers. I am a big fan of the currently ongoing series of Marvel films. And I have to say, even though it’s not perfect, this film is pretty darn close for me. You have all of the avengers that you have been introduced to over the course of their own films (except Hulk, because of the casting change) teaming up to take on a big bad. It’s a huge clash of personalities, egos, priorities, and yet it all works very well together. And Avenger’s 2 was awesome as well. Saw that at the cinema recently and I was impressed. Probably getting that as soon as it comes out on DVD. But I love super heroes and the genre, I love most of the films that have come out in the Marvel line, and I really love seeing how all the little bits in each film add up to the overarching plot line. You know, if I had a superpower, I’d want teleportation. Or to shapeshift into a dragon, either one.

Hmm, picking only three was actually easier than I thought. Of course, there are several more films that I really like (I saw Mad Max: Fury Road in the cinema, and I was VERY impressed) but at the moment these are my top three.