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Unusual Dragon Hoards

It’s a Monday morning, and in an effort to make myself smile, I went and discovered (well, re-discovered) a whole bunch of picture that never fail to make me smile. Artist IguanaMouth has a whole section of their Tumblr devoted to unusual dragon hoards, and here are a couple of my favourites, in an effort to spread the smiles around on a Monday morning.

Absolutely go and check out the Tumblr page, because there are many, many more. And all of them are great.

These also might be inspiration if I ever get to play in a Beast game. You can totally play a dragon with a hoard in there, and I would love to have an unusual hoard. I even have the start of some of these hoards!


Dragon Oracle

My latest kickstarter arrived! Jessica Feinburg did something a bit different to her usual book and cards, and instead made an Oracle deck out of her artwork!


I of course sprung for some extras, book and clockwork card expansions, and that lovely playmat that you can see beneath all the cards. It’s gorgeous, and I look forward to using it for other card games as well ^_^

As well as the deck of cards, it comes with reading guides (those cards down bottom left) to help you do some readings with the cards. And helpfully, all the cards have their meaning written on the bottom, no need to have to keep referring to a tiny little booklet!

IMG_20160721_114156 IMG_20160721_114132








Needless to say, I am very happy with this latest kickstarter, and I plan to do a fair few readings with it. And I’m sure I can use it as a prop in one of the games I play in since I play a Seer, which should be lots of fun.


This is the back of the cards and the design on the playmat – super gorgeous!

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