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Empire Event 1

I think at this point I must curse the people who persuaded me to go to Empire Event 1, approximately two weeks before it happens. It is now less than a week until it happen, since I will be packing the car Thursday evening, and then driving up Friday morning (Yay for bank holidays) but I still haven’t actually finished making my costume yet. I spent most of yesterday (well, the large part of it after I woke up, which was admittedly quite late in the day) and I have managed to make my bracers and greaves, but my tunic is still unfinished. Luckily I have been able to cancel my usual social engagements tonight (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday), so I should have the evenings to finish it off. I just need to cut out the pieces, work out what exactly I’m doing with the seems and then sew everything together. I got a sewing machine at the weekend, with my first pay check (dances!), and it’s really quite good. A simple one, and it can’t do thick fabric, but for what I need it for currently and in the immediate future, it’s pretty good. It’s also purple, which is an added bonus.

So it’s coming along, and I might be able to finish it tonight if I really push for it, although I may have to go and find a craft knife to neaten up some edges as my scissors really weren’t designed for fabric. Should have picked some up when I was in town, but hindsight means I missed the opportunity. Ah well.

My character is statted and everything though, so I know what I am doing. Just the costume and getting all my other stuff ready now. Which I should be able to do before Thursday. I really really hope this goes well. Also need to fill up on petrol, that’s the big thing. I’m driving me and two other people up, as that’s all I can fit in my little car, but there we go. Should be good. And it’s nice to share the petrol expenses.

So yes. Empire. That’s happening soon. Kind of excited and nervous at the same time.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I got preoccupied with getting a job!

I have a job now! It’s fantastic. It’s with a IT company that produces some software (yes I am being deliberately vague here, there are rules and stuff about posting stuff about the company and I don’t want to get in trouble so I’m erring on the side of caution) and I am working for the Customer Support team, of the Client Experience Team is you want to use the actual term. This means that when the people who buy the software have a problem, they phone/email/bring it to us and we fix it. It’s great! Well, I haven’t actually started doing any of the fixing stuff yet, I’m still just working through the training manuals about using SQL and their own problems and the server thingys. Technical term, thingys.

But my team is very nice (all blokes, but that’s kind of expected) and I like the environment and it all seems really good. I’m actually really happy. Although tired. I am not used to going to bed at 11pm/midnight and getting up 7:45am yet. It’s a big adjustment from 3am til midday.

Also I have a car now! It’s kind of required since the office is out of Norwich itself, although the location is quite pretty, it is in the middle of nowhere. The car is great. It’s a little ford KA and it is so nippy!


My Car:




And my Desk!



It is very clean. Although that is because I have only been here for a week. I am sure it’ll get more lived in as time passes.

So that’s the big update. Other smaller updates: A new wow patch came out but I haven’t managed to play much of it yet because of job, raid tonight should get some play time in. Empire is coming up and I am very interested in it, although I am probably not going to the first one, because tickets on the door will be expensive and I haven’t gotten my first paycheck yet, but I do have my eye on the second one. Navaar is the way to go. Does also mean that I have time to get costume. Used my car to road trip up to Leicester to a LARP fair to help friends get some costume. Got some good ideas for my own costume as well. Car! (I am very happy at having a car, although petrol prices are enormous ) Diet kind of slacked off whilst I adjust to my job, but I need to stop having take-away. Otherwise things are good. I shall try and update more. Well, I always promise that. Luckily I have a topic I want to update on, so I can do that tomorrow.


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