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On blogs and blogging

So, as I said over the summer, I got onto the masters degree that I applied to. We’re now in Week 4 for teaching, and I am exceedingly busy with all the learning, and my normal working hours, and trying to maintain a social life (and when November finally rolls around, NaNoWriMo. Because I never make sensible decisions with my time).

The thing about life in general, is that it is, occasionally funny.

Right now? It’s funny because I’ve got my first assignment in my Information Literacy module. What is it? It’s an annotated bibliography. What’s the title? Well I took the broad subject “Use of Web 2.0 in marketing” and narrowed it down to “How can blogs be used as a marketing tool for books (and other printed material)?”.

So yeah, I’m learning about blogs at the moment. With particular focus on authors. Oh look, I have a blog here, about writing, and I follow a bunch of blogs from authors and writers.


Yeah, when you give me a choice of what I can do for my own title, I’m going to do something that I like. I like technology, hence writing about web 2.0 is fun, and then I had to think about what you can market on the web. And since I am part of a community of authors, the choice seemed obvious.

Of course, now I have the difficult bit of finding books and research papers relevant to research in this area, but that’s the academia bit for you.

I just think it’s funny, how you can turn what you love into many things, from a career, to an essay. And by doing lots of reading around the subject (so far I’ve picked up a whole bunch of books on marketing and blogging) I’m teaching myself a lot about blogging, including things I didn’t know. And by coming online, writing here, and then going out and reading all the lovely blogs that you have, I also remind myself of how awesome the blogging community is. Really, you guys are awesome, and books can never quite convey that. The sense of community, swapping tips and tricks, and just getting to know what happens in your lives.

I’m rambling a bit, I realise. I guess I’m just trying to say that I’m doing well with the masters, and this first assignment has made me re-realise how awesome blogging is, and how awesome you, my readers and fellow bloggers, are.


Creative Blogger Award

It’s a lovely thing to log on to first thing in the week – a nomination for a Creative Blogger Award. Mine comes to be from Danica over at Living a Beautiful Life. Check her out, she writes about life, whether in creative writing or other formats, and tries to liven ups people’s days. She certainly has done with my day today!

creative blogger award

The Rules:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (done!)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules onto them

Wow, okay. So that’s a lot of people to nominate. I always have the very small worry in the back of my head that people don’t want to be nominated for things like this. Although, the last time that happened, the person just said “thanks very much, but I shan’t take up the nomination” which is one of the reasons that I continue to blog – people on the blogosphere are cool people.

Okay, so I’m going to nominate some people. I’ll see how many I end up doing, and feel free to not take up the nominations if you don’t want to! These are blogs that I feel are creative in some way, whether that’s with a creative pursuit (writing, drawing, crafting) or just creative in how they post. It is, after all, called the Creative Blogger Award.

  • Zen and Pi – Love her “If we were having coffee” posts. A very imaginative way to catch up with her week on week. I know it’s not unique, other blogs do it, but I enjoys hers. (Laso loved her theme of choice for A to Z this year)
  • Stephanie Ingram – I was very much enjoying her post back in April for the AtoZ blogging challenge – The Ghosts in my Attic. I do hope the ghosts haven’t taken her away!
  • I Read Encyclopaedias For Fun – Okay, so being a science person myself, I love the science diversion that occasionally crop up, but the project of his that I think is really creative is Authors Answers, where he asks a bunch of different authors questions and they answer. Properly fascinating stuff.
  • Alex Hurst – Fairytale connoisseur. Who doesn’t love a collection of fairy tales from all over the world?
  • Disregard the Prologue – a fellow fantasy writer, it’s doesn’t hurt that she includes a bunch of dragons in and around the blog (but her writing is pretty ace too). She’s currently doing an out of season A to Z to do with her books.
  • Maugryph – An incredibly talented artist, he’s got skill and I love the content of his art (fantasy monsters, dragons and pokemon all feature!)
  • Brainstorm – She doodles, she writes, she crafts, she a bit of everything rolled into one very random blog.
  • Somber Scribbler – Documenting her experiences with life and mental health, she doodles a lot on different subjects and I love her style.
  • Rachel Carrera – A novelist who talks a lot about her life, past and present. There’s just something about the way she writes I really take to.

And that’s all the people I want to nominated. How many…nine. Eh, it could have been worse. I’ll notify all these people once I have posted this post. These people can feel free to ignore or continue on with the award as they see fit.

Of course, this isn’t to say these are the only creative bloggers out there. Oh no, there are thousands upon thousands of them out there. These are just the people that I have, for whatever reason, remembered today for their creative endeavours.

Thanks and link to the person who nominated me, was done at the start, but thank you again to Danica at Living a Beautiful Life for the nomination 🙂

5 facts about myself. Well shoot, I’ve just done a whole challenge with stuff about myself. Uhh, this might be harder than usual, at least it’s only five…

  1. I am in the process of buying a new car, since my is 15 years old and falling apart.
  2. The book I am currently reading is ‘Here Be Dragons’, part of the Imaginarium Geographica series by James Owen. (I am re-reading How to Train Your Dragon ahead of the new series coming out on Friday!).
  3. I still don’t own a pet. I want to get a tortoise, but it’s not happened. Perhaps after I have come back from Costa Rica and want to be back among the wild turtles.
  4. The hobby I am spending the most time on at the moment is colouring in. There’s a bit of a craze for it right now and I have very much joined it.
  5. I had breakfast this morning, which is rare. It was a pain au chocolate and a hot chocolate from the on campus Starbucks. We’re getting a Subway for next year. This is a very dangerous thing.

There, five titbits about me and my current life goings on. I love the word titbits. Tit…bits. Hehe.

Pass the rules on. Well, if the people want to join in, they can find the rules right on this post here, which I will link to them when I poke them about the award. I just need to hit Publish, and I’ll get right on that 🙂

Today has been a good morning.

New Year

So in 2014 I:

  • Moved house.
  • Started dating my partner (officially anyway).
  • Got promoted at work.
  • Saw my mother get married.
  • Wrote an entire novel in a month.
  • Took up kick-boxing (and stayed at it, so I now have two whole belts!).

And on my blog:

  • Had a bit of a re-vamp in design.
  • Took part in the A to Z challenge for the first ever time.
  • Met some AMAZING people (yes, you people reading this right now).
  • Had 181 new posts.
  • Got 300 comments. Out of the 315 total.
  • Gained 139 followers. Out of my total 145 followers.

So all in all, 2014 was a pretty brilliant year for me. I hope that you all had a good year, and if it wasn’t all good then at least think on the bits that were.

Here’s to 2015 being just as good, if not better. Although it might be hard!


2014 in review

I love numbers and blog and everything, so here is my year in summary for this blog. Hope you all had a wonderful year, and that 2015 will be another great one! Love and celebrations to you all!


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,300 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

One Lovely Blog Award

So, whilst I was away on holiday, one of the lovely blogs that I read, and one who reads me as well, nominated me for an award! My second one! Happy times 😀

The award is the One Lovely Blog Award, and I was nominated by the fantastic Somber Scribbler, and I am thirlled to get this nomination.


The Rules

1. Thank your nominator. Massive thanks to Somber Scribbler again! I love her blog so you should check it out as well.

2. Share seven thing about yourself. Seven things that I haven’t shared already. This might be tough.

  1. Looking around me I can see … 51 dragons. This does not include any dragons on book covers, since those are on the front 😛 I like dragons.
  2. One of the biggest reasons that I bake is so I can lick out the bowl. Often I will make a little extra just to eat as a treat to myself. My current favourite is a new chocolate chip cookie recipe which is delicious both raw and cooked.
  3. My favourite poster isn’t actually one about dragons (I know, shock horror!) It’s a picture of a nebula with the quote from Albert Einstein ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’
  4. I watch my way through TV in series, going from episode 1 to the last released or end of show. Currently I’m watching bones, and am on Season 2, Episode 13: The Girl in the Gator. Stephen Fry is in it ❤
  5. I have seen the new How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie twice so far and fully intend to see it again in the coming week. I really love it.
  6. I buy books when I still have unread books on my shelf. I just like buying books. Any reading them, of course. In due time.
  7. I pair up songs to the stories I think of. Currently I’m listening to Ghost by Ella Henderson and it’s paired with a gaslamp/victorian era fantasy romp where the main character is controlling the underworld trade in supernatural goods. I think out scenes from my novels to loud music, since the loud music creates an exclusionary effect that helps me think.

3. Nominate a number of bloggers you think should next receive this award. Oooh, the hard part.

  • Wyrmflight – A fellow dragon lover. She has some great tales and facts to share about the marvellous beasts, I love going and reading her stuff.
  • Tiana Lopez – Does so much for other writers. She has a feature spot on Sunday’s for writers, does writing prompts and other opportunities.
  • Maugryph – A fantastic artist, and she draws my favourite subject, dragons!
  • Wordsmith at Work – Another writer who blogs, I love her posts, and she always has some good tips I really get along with.
  • Inkspelled Faery – Lover of fantasy who has directed to to some fantastic books since I’ve been following her.
  • Jodie Llewllyn – I feel I have a lot in common with this blogger, who is also an aspiring YA fantasy writer, and she blogs about things that are of great interest to me, so I love catching up with her blog posts.
  • Tom Benson – I of course have to mention Tom, who is a very supportive person and published writer. He does some great things over on his blog and is one of my greatest followers 🙂

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know. Which I will do as soon as I have published this 🙂


Apparently there is some sort of blogging etiquette that states that you should not post about your blog stats and achievements.

To hell with that!



Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog, commented, liked and every just dropped by. You would not believe how much satisfaction I get from maintaining this blog, and it’s great to know that some people out there like what I write as well! 😀


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