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94. Revenge

It was an eerie sight. The fog swirled around, and thinned just enough to make out a pair of whirling eyes, glowing blue in the early light. There was some sort of shadow which the eyes were sunk into, but it was just a shadow.

Keit took a couple of steps and, warily drew his sword.

Then the shadow smiled.

A huge roar sounded and reverberated around the volcano, and huge gusts of winds blasted the mists away from the shale beach. Keit scrabbled backward in horror as the huge blue dragon was revealed, wings outstretched to their full extent as she directly her maw towards him.

He tried to run, but it really didn’t make any difference.

The roar ended with a short, sharp snap as her jaws closed around the unfortunate man. Anyone close enough felt their stomach turn as they heard the sound of crunching bone and armour, followed by the sound of swallowing.

Myelin called out to her. “Kate?”


“Uh, are you okay?”

‘Interesting question. Physically, I am fine. Mentally, a little disappointed’

“Any particular reason?”

‘Revenge is supposed to taste sweet. But frankly, he just tasted greasy.’ The dragon made a face and stuck its tongue out. ‘If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find something to wash this taste away.’

Kate spread her wings and launched from the beach, sweeping more than one person off their feet as she did so. The taste of revenge was very sweet in her mind, but very much not in her mouth.

35. Ocean

35. Ocean (15/04/10)

Luckily in dragon form, Kate had inner eyelids that protected her eyes from the spray that the storm was whipping up from the ocean, so she had a clear vision of where the ship was about to head. Unluckily, this was straight into an outcropping of rocks that was sure to hole the ship and more than likely cause everyone on board to drown.

Folding her wings back she dived down, lightning fast reflexes edging her into the gap between rock and boat, so that she brace her powerful hind legs against the rocks, then catch the boat on her back. With a roar and jettison of flame that sizzled part of the ocean into gas, she heaved, and managed to overcome the current the boat had been stuck in, pushing it away from the rocks and onto a new course.

As the crew found their feet again, with many a shout and a curse, and the ship started a course for the edge of the storm that they could see in the distance, Kate flopped into the ocean, spreading her wings out as a floatation device, and road the waves that splashed over her. Frankly this whole ordeal would be much better in fine weather, but no, the ocean just had to be epic and dramatic.

Kate flicked her tail out behind her as a rudder and used her legs to propel herself after the boat, just waiting for the next mishap to strike.

18. Soft

18. Soft (03/02/10)

The sun filtered thought the membrane of the dragon’s wing, casting blue shadows on the clouds beneath her. She enjoyed flying, especially this high, where the air was cold and clear. No one else could breathe up here, except her, so she had her own little world above the one below. Kate frolicked in the clouds for some time, rolling through the wisps as air, scooping them up in her wings, scattering with her fire breath.

Eventually she noticed that the sun was beginning to set, and so she dropped below the cloud line, and set a course for the forest of the Trieli. About a half hour later she came in low over the lake that was just outside of the heart of the forest. The gusts from her wings blew the treetops this way and that, as her claws grabbed onto the rocky formation at the point of the lake. Her sharp eyes caught the movement of someone in the tree, and she saw Myelin coming out to greet her. With the familiar rushing feeling, she shifted back into human form, and stretched out the kinks that came with going from a 50ft dragon to a 5ft 4 inch bipedal human.

“You were out a long time.”

“I like flying.” This constituted a normal greeting between the two of them.

Myelin looked at her, a thoughtful, perhaps even wistful look on her delicate features. “What is it like? Flying, I mean.”

Kate turned back up to the sunset streaked sky, with the pink clouds idly trailing by. “It’s soft.”


“Yeah. When you’re up that high, nothing can touch you but the clouds, and they’re really soft.”

Myelin’s confused look continued for a few more moments, then she sighed and shook her head. “Sometimes I think you are soft in the brain.”

Kate laughed. “It’s entirely possible.”


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