So there were a whole bunch of things that I was going to do over the weekend, including a massive dragon post because I’ll be a little busy with A to Z for normal posting, but as you can probably tell, that didn’t happen.

Instead I’ve been ill since Thursday.’s aren’t very nice anyway, but this one was a strange one. I would get very restless, get up and do something, and five minutes later collapse onto the sofa complete knackered. Half an hour of lying on the sofa later, and I get restless and here we go again. Add in explosive sneezing and inability to breath through nose and I’ve had four pretty unfun days.

Better today (for a given value of better, but at least I can breath through my nose and stand up for more than five minutes at a time) but it is now Monday instead of the weekend, so a whole chunk of time has disappeared.

April starts on Wednesday, and that means that I have today and tomorrow to sort things out before it hits and I have to do things daily.

A to Z Challenge

I’ve picked my theme, got my letters, I just need to write the posts. I’m a fan of the write it on the day method, so I tend to follow that, except I’m going away over easter weekend, so I do have to write and schedule some posts in advance, because I will be nowhere near a computer/the internet/civilisation for four days.

I am really looking forward to this though, and seeing what all the other lovely followers of the challenge are going to post as well.

Camp NaNoWriMo

Not the main event, but Camp NaNo is nice for getting your butt into gear after the new year, and I really do seem to need that this year.


The project I am going with is carrying on from NaNoWriMo. I finished writing Mechanica Awakening, and ever since the New Year I have been struggling to edit it. So I am making my April Camp NaNo project to edit Mechanica, and hopefully give myself a good kick up the backside because I am inching along at a snail’s pace with the editing so far. I haven’t even finished editing the first chapter (although to be fair the first chapter needs a lot of editing).


And, of course, because Easter weekend is coming around, I shall also be casting off from civilisation and going back into the world of changelings, cambions, eternals and great big battles. Having finally convinced myself that my costume is good and doesn’t need anything else to make it look good, I’m starting to feel the keen of going and camping in a field and romping around for four days (got to love the long Easter weekend. Bank holiday Friday and Monday? Thank you very much).

640px-Empire-map-illus-colour-hiresI’ve got some plans, some things to do, and some good roleplay to happen before we go into the big battles (last Empire game I was capture by orcs three times during the battle, so I get to play being really nervous about going to, overcome the fear, and being a little clingy to my protective warriors. I’m only a squishy mage healer after all! Also I get to hate on Dawn a little, it was their fault at least two of the times. In my character’s eye anyway. Roleplay!)

But I’ll have to play it out and see what happens when I actually get into the field. The only thing I have left to do is throw together some basic costume to put on in the event of death. Because that is a thing which is kind of likely to happen when you battle.

So yeah, busy April. Very busy first week of April, because of how Easter falls this year.

I look forward to it though, and keeping busy is always good. Now I’m going to go and research/plan/write my first few A to Z posts, and hop on over to some other lovely blogs to find even more amazing themes for April.