Hello my lovely readers!

As you have probably noticed, I’ve not posted in a while. This is because I was on holiday! I should have mentioned it…nope, no I didn’t. Oh well. I was on holiday, and it was good!

IMG_20140804_141223Day 1: Arrival at Amsterdam after an ungodly start (4am in the morning does not a happy princess make) but we did a canal boat tour, and then a walking tour of the red light district. It was really interesting actually, from a historical and economical point of view. Legalised prostitution lowers crimes rates, lowers those kinds of diseases and provides a good level of tax for the government. Although I was surprised the first time I went past a window, since I had no idea how it worked before we actually went there. The river boat tour is good as well, since there are loads of canals. Not as many as Venice, and all man made, but lots of water around the place.


IMG_20140805_121134Day 2: We went to the Zoo! Just me and my partner. Oh yeah, it was a holiday with my partner’s family plus other halves. It was really good, and there was a planetarium, but it loses something when you can’t understand the presentation. Lots of animals, such as Lions, Zebra’s, Giraffe’s, monkeys, small mammals, red panda’s, and lots and lots of tortoises! So many tortoises, I was so happy. I like tortoises as well, my can actually see them favourite animal. Although it did rain a lot right at the end of the day. A really goo zoo, especially for an inner city one.


IMG_20140809_162933Day 3: The Rijksmuseum. A musuem with lots of dutch things in it. It was pretty interesting and took us most of the day to go around all of the collections, stuff about the house of orange, trade, history, collections. All that kind of stuff. Amsterdam is full of musuems.

Day 4: A quick walk around a market, and some shopping for souvenirs. I came away with a delftware tortoise and a couple of dragon statues (naturally). We then visited The Amsterdam Musuem, which had a fascinating exhibit called DNA Amsterdam, which was the story of amsterdam itself, including these little questions where you would pick a short animation from a selection to do with the time period, and at the end you got your Amsterdam DNA. I was 60% Creative and 40% Freedom of Thought. Most interesting fact: the musuem was the civil orphanage until 1950.


IMG_20140808_151559Day 5: The last day, it was a week (as in the weekdays) long trip. We woke up, went to a film museum called the Eye, which was kind of cool, but we only did the free bits. Me and then partner then went to the Maritime Museum, and he got to play on a life sized model of the ship called The Amsterdam. I had no idea he liked ships so much until we went to a place filled with them! But there was a whale exhibit, navigational tools, atlases, and even an interactive experience that I managed to break, whoops! Fun time though, and then we came home, on a delayed plane. Obviously.

Now I’m back in Norwich! And there will be more posts to come, but I thought you would all like to know what I’ve been doing 🙂