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I was going to have a picture of a rubber duck, but then I found this one of a fluffy duckling and it was too cute. Duckling are adorable and I dare you to not smile as their fuzziness. Fun fact, the bar in Tangled is called The Fuzzy Duckling.

Little yellow Duck


So cute :3

Stephen Fry.

It wouldn’t even have to be for very long, but he’s a Norfolk boy and I love this town/county so much since I have moved here. He went to Cambridge university where I went for a year. He’s a famous homosexual who stands up for equal rights. And QI is a great programming to watch and I love him in other things such as Bones and films like Sherlock Holmes 2. He’s a great and talented man and I would love to meet him.

Whoops, skipped a day. But considering it was a Sunday and an IoD Sunday that’s not surprising at all. To me at least. My Sunday’s are busy days. But I did get a lot of roleplay done, and that’s always a good day when roleplay is done. So I am playing catch up today.

A skill I plan to learn this year is a martial art. Maybe Krav maga or Kick boxing. Something that can keep me fit and healthy as well as helping me to get some anger and agreesion out. I am very much yang and not yin. It think that’s the right way round anyway.

But I think the answer for this question is going to be a skill that I have wanted to learn for a while but have no plans to learn in the near future. I would like to learn how to play the piano. I played Tenor Horn in secondary school which was nice and I have an appreciation for music, but I love the piano for its abilities as a standalone instrument whereas brass instruments are best played in bands.

So today’s answer, the piano.

“If it’s green it’s biology.

If it stink’s it’s chemistry.

If it’s numbers it’s maths.

If it doesn’t work, it’s technology.”

~ Unknown

One of the many quotes which was plastered up around the mathes department of my secondary school. The line which stuck with me the most is the last one about technolgy. It just seems so true. So this is my favourite quote.

Easy, Sushi. Yes I know, technically sushi covers a lot of things, but it is very delicious and I love going to yo sushi the most out of any of the restaurants I have the option of going to.

If I have to be specific, then I guess it would be maki/iso which are the rice rolls wrapped in seaweed (Maki is when it’s on the outside of the rice and Iso is when it’s on the inside of the rice).

But I could eat sushi, especially yp sushi sushi forever, it is very delicious. And I plan to go sometime this month because as well as being tasty it’s also pretty healthy for you.

Cream cheese and smoked salmon iso, wait for me!

Day 5: A fav memory

And this is why I started on a weird day, so that the Thursdays could line up and be all nice and shiny.

A fav memory, hmm. Well I tend to say I don’t have a very good memory, so my choices may be a little limited. Although I do have a knack for remembering the prices of things.

Favourite doesn’t have to mean good does it. Well in that case I think it has to be the evening we (we meaning me, mum and brother) discovered that brother had finally overtaken me and was taller than me. I was so distraught, because he’s younger than me but he got taller and it was so unfair. I can still remember when I used to be able to rest my chin on top of his head and now he can do the same to me. It’s freaking weird I can tell you that. Younger siblings should stay exactly the same! My brother’s now 21 and I still picture him as this awkward teen in my head. To be fair the only thing different between my brother of seven years ago and the brother of today is the height.

Day 4: Your Dream Job

My dream job. This one is an interesting one because I’m not entirely sure. I think it would be to be a volcanologist, but the thing is I love all my friends and my social life that I have now, so I wouldn’t want to be away for months at a time, which would make being someone who goes and looks at volcanoes all day long a bit of a challenge. Maybe I could be a geologist, someone who studies rocks all day long, because I’m pretty sure that you can do that anywhere.

On the other hand there is IT, which is where I am currently working and I’m pretty happy with the job, but I would describe it as my ideal job because I really want work I enjoy, and I like my job but it’s definately not a dream job.

I think Geologist is the answer to this question then, because geology rocks.

This one is easy, my housemate Seph. For a huge variety of reasons including hugs, letting me rant when I need to, buying me awesome christmas presents, eating sushi with me, and the fluffiest of all fluffy hair. It’s so fluffy!

And his hugs, did I mention how awesome hugs are?

I really like music, so there’s a lot of music that I listen to and often I associate songs with certain story that I am thinking of or writing, so I less often associate them with emotions.

One that makes me happy. Hmm, happy.

Well, on my music player at the moment is a mix of things, from rock and pop to some K-pop and anime music.

Happy may be a bit of a strech, but there are two songs which never fail to get me smiling and moving my feet:
Ain’t it fun – Paramore (because it’s got a catchy tune and I like the slice of reality in there)
Move – Little Mix (It’s just a damn catchy song)

So there we go, two songs which get me smiling.

Nothing, as I usually do. Yes, my mother tells me that this is very unheathly for me and she is probably right, but I’m just in this habit now. Sometimes I try, and if there are breakfast bars in the house then that makes things a lot easier because I can eat those in like 30 seconds or whilst walking. Been eating these golden syrup oat bars whilst at mum’s for Christmas to keep her happy.

I occasionally have toast or porridge, or the odd fry up. And eggs Benedict if I go to Wetherspoons, which does amazing breakfasts. However on the average day, especially if I’m on holiday or it’s the weekend, then I do not get up early enough in the day to call it anything other than lunch no matter what I end up eating.

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