As a note, this entry contains spoilers for the Il Mheg Shadowbringers main plot quests, so if you are likely to play the game/are playing it and haven’t reached the end, you may not want to read to avoid the spoilers contained within!

“To strive for a dream you will never see – to sow seeds that others might one day taste the fruits of your garden – that is the beauty of your kind. Burn bright and shine as only you can. These blessings, your lovely branch will accept in your stead.”

Feo Ul floated up, the four blessings orbiting around her before coalescing around her, the tiny pixie disappearing into a brilliant ball of light that filled the dreary castle, quickly becoming too much to look at.

When Iscara could look again, she saw her branch’s wings first, much bigger than before, but the same brilliant orange, matching her fiery hair that was still held back in bunches, a tiara nestled on top.She was tall, much taller than the Hyur now, an elegant dress fluttering around her graceful form, over the shoes. The sceptre completed the blessings, looking much the same as it had for the previous King, with sparkle gently falling from it’s tip.

“Rejoice and revel, for the Kingdom of Rainbows is forever young.”

Iscara smiled up at her friend, her lovely branch, “Feo Ul, My Radiance.”

It was then that a smile came across the fae’s face, one much more familiar to those that had spent any time with the Fae. One that was mischievous, and playful, and just a little cruel. The King extended a hand out to her adorable sapling.

“Now, shall we attend to those unwise enough to trespass in our realm?”

Taking the hand with her own, Iscara gave it a squeeze, her own bronze skin lit up by the glow the Fae exuded, “Lets.”