tumblr_pii54fBfnJ1qas1mto9_500The letter was sitting on the bed she was using whilst in Kugane, doubtless left by an adventurous postmoogle. Fuzzy little poms of mischief they may be, but if they were determined to do a job, being halfway across the world was but a small obstacle.

Sitting on the bed, she picked the letter up, elegant handwriting immediately recognised, and only confirmed as she flipped it over and saw the blue wax seal, embellished with a flowering B.

Iscara couldn’t help but smile as she opened the letter, Aymeric’s hand dancing across the page as he spoke of Ishgard, of the current state of the alliance, and of missing her, wishing her safe return. It was those passages that she brushed her fingers over, savouring the words. She was never going to be one to settle down, and he knew that, but having someone to return to…it was something precious that she didn’t want to let go of.

She fetched her own sheet of paper, writing a few short words in the middle of it.


Dearest Aymeric

A crane for happiness and luck. A dragon for wisdom and success. I haven’t found one that means love, but know that if I had, I would have made you a thousand.



She took the origami that she had folded earlier, in the pretty paper they reserved for the delicate art, and folded the letter around them. Using a match, she melted a couple of wax beads over the join, and took out a worn disc from a pouch. Pressing it into the wax, she waited for it to harded slightly before picking it out, a spear crowned in ice impressed in the wax. Her little known seal.

Still smiling, she left her letter where she had found the one from Aymeric, trusting the moogle to find it in a bit, and went back out into Kugane to find the next challenge that awaited her.