The singing from the party on top of the walls had stopped, but it was still going on below, coming from various quarters of Ala Mhigo.

She turned as there was a screech from a Mol, and Lord Hein jumped the short distance down to the rooftop garden.

“Show off,” she called out to him.

“Next to you my friend, I find one must to keep up!” The prince had his usual grin on his face as she walked over to the warrior and they grasped forearms in greeting.

“Come, you should have a formal introduction to the Eorzean alliance, rather than screaming from Mol back.”

“You cannot tell me it wasn’t effective.”

She shook her head at him, quickly seeking out Rauhban and Pipin first and making the introductions.

“I spotted you in the castle,” Raubahn enveloped the smaller man’s hand in his own, “Twas a fine thing to see a samurai of your calibre aiding our cause.”

“After all your compatriots have done to help me and my people, t’would be a poor showing indeed if I did not come when aid was needed most. Especially against a common foe.”

Iscara didn’t interject anymore as the three of them talked a little, and then Raubhan offered to introduce him to the rest of the Alliance leaders. Hein turned back to give her a bow before he went with them.

Lyse walked up, leaning her head against Iscara’s shoulder, as was her custom, “You seem pleased.”

“For all the victories I claim on the battlefield, I am just as proud of the progress that is made off it as well. Seeing the relationships between the different provinces grow, watching them foster that development and become more than their parts…it’s part of what I fight for. That better future. Together.”

It was more than she usually said, and on this emotional day, it caused Lyse to wrap her arms around her friend and hug her tightly.

“You inspire it in us, you know. That better future,” the words were muffled, her face buried in armour.

Iscara returned the hug, squeezing her back, “We’ll get there. Together.”