Apologies for the delay, I forgot to cross post this yesterday. Sunday’s are ‘Free Days’ that can be used to catch up on missed days, or used for extra credit. Since I’ve successfully completed 1-7 on time, I’ve gone back to the 2018 challenge for prompts, and have picked ‘Submerged’ for this first extra credit day.


The light flickered and waved as the lilies and pads drifted overhead, casting shadows down through the water. Iscara looked up, and from her position, it looked as if the blue sky was painted with the outlines of flowers, tranquil and beautiful, so unlike the first time she had been thrown into the water. Smiling at the beautiful visage, she kicked out, swimming down into Longmirror Lake so she could swim amongst the ruins of the Voerbuty city.

Just as she had done on the first time she had been done here, she couldn’t help but compare it to Ishgard, the city that, despite all her initial misgivings, she had come to love. The stonework was so reminiscent, especially when she swam through a circular hole into a building that could only have been a church of some kind. The shards truly were reflections of the source, of her home world.

She spent hours drifting around the submerged city, only surfacing when night fell, to sit on one of the few roofs that still stood taller than the surface of the lake, the flowers she had admired from before now drifting around her as she looked up at the stars, taking in the beauty of the night.

A lily ideally floated up next to her, a small lap of water landing it on her leg. Iscara reached down to pick it up, the water dripping through her fingers as she cupped it in her hands. She didn’t know if it would last long outside of its natural habitat, but it had been a while since she had given Aymeric a present, and she had a rapidly growing need to see him, to see the man that tied her most tightly to the city, and it’s reflection here.

Il Mheg