As a note, this entry contains very heavy spoilers for the Shadowbringers main plot quests, so if you are likely to play the game/are playing it and haven’t reached the end, you may not want to read to avoid the spoilers contained within!

Bookman's Shelves

Alisaie looked over the top of her book to the Hyur sitting in one of the other armchairs in the main room of the Bookman’s shelves where a few of the Scions had currently gathered.

“What’s got you thinking so hard?”

The warrior of light blinked, and then looked over at Alisaie, one eyebrow raised fractionally.

“I’m reasonably sure that’s your thinking face, and you’ve been staring at a rather disinteresting point on the wall for a while. Something wrong?”

She shook her head, “Not wrong. Just a…hypothetical question.”

“Care to share?”

The warrior looked over at her for a moment, weighing up something, “Sin eater’s are classed by the sin they were forgiven for. If I had turned, what would the sin I would be forgiven for?”

Whatever question Alisaie had been expecting, it wasn’t that, “But you didn’t turn.”

She chuckled, “No, I didn’t. But you and I both know I was basically there. I’m forever glad that didn’t happen, so don’t worry. I guess this is just, hmm, morbid curiosity? With a dash of self-reflection.”

The young mage tapped her fingers against the edge of her book, thinking on the same question, “Not wrath, that doesn’t fit you. Violence maybe?”

“Mhm. Overconfidence is another thought. Confrontational perhaps.”


Iscara looked over and gave Alisaie a mock scowl, “I’ve been working on that one, thank you very much.”

“And we’re very proud of you for it,” She drew up her book just in time to block the small cushion lobbed at her head.

“I woudst appreciate if thoust did not use mine furnishing as weapons, I already disinherit much to fae machnications,” Urianger chimed in as he came down the stairs into the main living area, 


“What did you think about our conversation?” Alisaie sat up, interested in the input of the older elezen.

“Of the sin that our dearest friend embodies? Nay, I think the answer woudst lie in a different direction.”

“Care to share your educated thoughts then?”

“Of the lightwarden which our friend encountered, barring both Innocence and the Lord Titania, their names were themed around the topic of love, specifically the types of love outlined in philosophical debate. Philia is the love shared between friends. Eros is perhaps the most well known, being associated with romantic love. And Storge refers to the empathic love that most encapsulates fondness and familiarity.”

“So that’s three, but you said there were four?”

“Indeed, and it is with the fourth that I believe would lie the answer to our friends question – the fourth love is known as ‘Agape’, which refers to selfless and unconditional love, such as we imagine that the gods would have for us, their children upon this earth. Knowing our champion as we do, I cannot think of a more fitting title. Though I must say, I believe that thou embodies this kind of love already, without the need for thou to becomest a Lightwarden.”

“Agape…” the warrior tried the word out loud, mulling it over, “Is it wrong that I like it?”

Alisaie’s lips twitched, “A little, perhaps.”

“If my knowledge serves to satisfy you that you might cease pondering on, as thoust said, morbid topics, then I am satisfied. Now, what doust thou desire for the evening meal?”