KalMyhkThe water splashed up over the rocks, accompanied by a short squeal of effort as Kal Myhk tossed his fish out of the water and pinned it to his rock beneath his claws. Toh Y Thrah was looking warily down at the water, and the over to his fellow dragonet, quite possibly thinking about having a go himself, until another fish flipped out the water and smacked the end of his snout with its tail.

He gave an undignified squeal, launching himself off the rock, only just missing the water, and flapped over to where Iscara was sitting on the bank, skinning the latest Miacid kill for it’s leather. She gave him a wry smile as the young dragon landed beside her, grumbling under his breath about being wet, and wiggling things.

Toh Y Thrah joined them a short while later, flying slightly erratically with two large fish held in his claws, together far larger than the dragonet himself was.

“A good hunt, yes?”

“Is it enough for you to eat?” The Hyur asked.

“Enough for me and my brother both.”

“Then yes, it is a good hunt,” she reached out and gave the dragonet a quick scratch to the scales behind his horn.

Toh Y Thrah huffed, and Iscara looked down at him, “You’ll hunt when you are ready to, it matters not when that day comes.”

The dragonet looked up at her, and then back at the pile of meat and fish that had accumulated behind the warrior, “But I hunger now, and it looks so delicious!”

The warrior gave a rare chuckle, “Never have I known a time when you were not hungry little one,” she teased him, but did slice a cut of meat off the carcass she was finishing up with and let him eagerly snap it out of her hand and wolf it down, “just try to keep your claws off the rest of this until Gullinkambi has had her fill, I have no wish to disappoint a hatching mother due to your bottomless stomach.”