Given how awful I am feeling today, I’m looking for ways to cheer myself up and put a smile on my face, and I have been exploring the depths of the internet to help with this. (For those of you interested in the why, I am a UK resident, and we just had our EU referendum, which ended up with a 52:48 majority for Leave. As a Remain voter and believer, this is very upsetting and worrying)

One of the things that I have managed to find this morning, is an artist’s tumblr account – Land of Ink and Charcoal, run by Kaenith – where they have drawn a series of ‘Pride Dragons’ – dragons which are themed around different aspects of the gender and sexuality spectrums.

And they are pretty awesome

So there’s Lesbian, Gay, Asexual and Polysexual in there. Just a selection of the ones which have been drawn, all of which are very pretty, and I love the style of the artist.

Here’s a few from the gender identities – Transgender, Agender and Genderfluid. I love how they use the colours and symbols from the flags to shape the dragons as well.

I’m proud to have many friends that identify with many of these labels, and my friends are what make my life such an awesome thing. I will get to remind myself of exactly how awesome they are when we go out for drinks tonight to commiserate what’s happening with the country.

In the meantime, it’s back to the internet to search for uplifting things. One thing I will be hoping to do is outlining new content to include in this blog. I think that i’m going to aim for two posts a week – Dragons on Thursday (or the later half of the week) and Writing on Monday (or the early half of the week), which seems a reasonable rate of posting that I should be able to keep to. As long as I can figure out what to post!

Oh, and I’ll just leave you with my favourite dragon from the collection – the Questioning Dragon 🙂 Find all of the dragons and Kaenith’s tumble account here.

Questioning Dragon