Another Kickstarter had arrived!


As I have featured many times on this blog before, Jessica Feinburg, a supremely talents artist, is doing a series of field guides based around dragons and other rare elemental creatures. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Clockwork have all come before and proudly sit on my bookshelf. And now, Spirit Dragons joins them!

It’s making the door to my study pretty impressive, as I use the art from the postcards to make a collage:


The one from the spirit dragons is technically a bumper sticker, but it’s so awesome. It says “Don’t make me call the Dragons” ^_^ I love it.

Of course, she’s not stopping here either. Her next book project is going to be Book Wyrms! Literary dragons! I’m so very, very happy. But the project she’s got which is currently live is an Oracle Deck which is not a tarot deck, but is similar, and it features artwork from previous projects on the cards. It looks magnificent, so I have of course placed a pledge for a bunch of stuff from it.

Very much looking forward to seeing the artwork that comes from her next! Book dragons!