And so, April has come around again. Weirdly, this year, Easter is the coming weekend so I’m not going to have the problem of trying to do this challenge over Empire weekend because it’ll already have happened.

But, for the third year in a row, I am taking on the A to Z challenge, posting every day in the month of April (except Sunday’s) and now I get to reveal my theme to you.

Again, I had trouble picking a theme, because it has got to last for all 26 letters, and I’ve already covered the two main topics of this blog, Dragons was 2014, and Fantasy Writing was 2015, so I was at a bit of a loss for a while as to what to do this year. But, with the help of spreadsheets and brainstorming with a friend, I’ve hit on one.

Drumroll please.

A2Z Theme Reveal 2016


Those of you with really sharp eye who check the blog might have had a tiny bit of an inkling as to this, since my dragon of the week is a lovely fan picture of the gorgeous Dragonair.

Why Pokemon? Well, I was looking at the topic I have done, and the one I haven’t, and given that I do occasionally talk about gaming things on this blog I was looking to possibly doing a game related theme, but realised that since this is a writing blog, that might not appeal to the audience I’ve got here.

However, I am having a huge nostalgia kick at the moment, Red/Blue/Yellow got digital re-releases and I am currently replaying Red. Pokemon Go is getting released at some point in the future which I am very excited for, and Pokemon Sun & Moon have just been announced as the next games in the series, with a new generation to boot. I even plan to go a re-watch the anime series.

That, and it is gaming related, as well as a lot of other things (anime, novels, games, lots of the good things) and I am pretty sure that everyone has at least heard of it and will know what I am talking about.

So this year I am caving into my nostalgia, and every day you will be getting a post about a Pokemon related topic, and my Pokemon of the Letter where I show you my favourite Pokemon who’s name starts with that letter. Lots of alphabet fun. Topics to look forward to include:

  • E – Evolution/Espeon
  • P – Professor Oak & the PokeDex/Pikachu
  • S – Starters/Swablu


I look forward to trawling round your blogs on the A to Z Challenge 2016!