This week’s challenge from Chuck Wendig is an unusual one. Write a story. Five sentences. No more than 100 words. Which is going to be an interesting challenge, telling a whole story complete with beginning middle and end in five sentences. I do love the challenge of short fiction, and whilst I struggle with things like “a story in four words” I do love having 100 words to try and get something across in.


It had to be done.

magic-book-burning-247She reached into her pocket, and drew out the box of matches, sulphur striking the air with a hiss. A small flick, and the match landed on the pages of the open book, flames licking up and over the paper, the ink, the unnatural prison.

Her feet turned and ran, keeping ahead as the fire spread, consuming rows upon rows, shelves upon shelves of books and artefacts, the trappings of the humans peeling away to reveal what lay inside.

Magic would be free again.