I do love getting parcels in the post, as I am sure that most people do. Especially when said parcels contain lovely dragon goodness!


Jessica Feinburg is continuing on with her series of Elemental Dragons and Other Rare Creatures, and pictured here is Ice Dragons. Actually, it’s two different kickstarters, since she also ran a short one to fund a colouring book that you can see in the middle. It’s got a lot of her previous and current artwork in it, but all black and white, like the two postcards in the top right, for colouring in. And I am very much looking forward to that ^_^

Her next campaign has already gone live as well, and I am particular excited for it – Spirit Dragons! Lots of lovely ethereal dragons and beings. Trying to convince myself that I don’t need to buy all of the things, but I probably do, I am quite excited for this one. And all the time my shelves are growing ever bigger with the weight of dragons on them.