So, Christmas was recent, and I know that I’ve shown you a bunch of my dragon kickstarters before now. Add the two together, and what do I have? Lots more dragons for my dragon hoard!

Yes, I have a hoard of dragons.

Firstly, I received, as a present from my partner’s family (they have a lot of family members, so they do this huge secret santa swap instead of individual presents, and I was included) this huge, and I mean huge, cardboard dragon model. Assembly required. I really love that sort of thing, really easy but makes me feel kind of crafty and it looks great when it’s done.

Dragon 1

Then today, I had the tricky task of hanging it up. But I think it looks quite good up there, and it definitely frees up space.

Dragon 3

Very nice, hanging in the corner of my study. And my ceiling is high, and I am of average height, so no head bumping will occur.

The second part really is a whole package of loot, straight from the lovely artist that I have featured on this blog before – Jessica Feinburg. She’s an American artist who’s done a whole series of kickstarters of dragon and other fantastical creature guides. Water, Fire, Baby, Clockwork, Earth and now, Air.

Air Dragon


So, you can see, I have the book of Air Dragons & other rare sky creatures, a deck of cards, some art cards and bookmarks. Those are the fairly standard things that I get from her projects. But, this project had quite a few extras. There’s the egg and feathers guides, the mini decks of cards, the feather poster and egg poster (not shown) as well as a set of dragon eggs and official dragon club membership card and badge!

It’s a huge bunch of stuff, and it’s awesomely cool ^_^, she’s a very talented artist. And this wasn’t her last project. Currently active is one for ice and snow dragons, and she has plans to do more unusual breeds in the future. The posters are up on my wall, and the art card has gone up it the remaining space , and the eggs are displayed on my bookcase.


Dragon Door

Oh, and I also got a huge dragon book, and a dragons shaped cake tin for Christmas, so even more dragons now live in my home.

I hope your hoards are growing as much as mine are!