*Large exhale of air*

It could be going better. Also, could be going a lot worse.

I’m on…65.5K so over the last week I’ve written about 16K. So week 1 was 30K, week 2 got 19K and this week got 16K. Slowing down, and although there is often a bit of a last hurrah during week 4, I am not sure if that will happen for me.

I think that unless something drastic happens and I get a huge wave of productivity (which, you know, could happen) I am unlikely to reach my original goal of 100K. I think at this point I’ll set minimum at 75K, and anything over that will be nice. I mean, I should definitely be able to get another 10K over the next week, and there’s a touch over a week left, and at current speed, 15K seems likely for the week, but we’ll just have to see.

What I know is unlikely to happen, is penning ‘The End’ on the novel. I reached the halfway point of the novel, the bit where I write ‘8 years later’ at 64K, so only just. And this means that unless I feel like doubling the word count in the next week (roughly, the two halves are relatively equal in my head, but you never quite know until you get it out onto paper) it’s going to have to continue after November. However, this is probably a good thing, I need to get back into the habit of writing every day, or almost every day, and having a project I want to finish is good for that. I am certainly not going to abandon it after November like I did a previous years (Archmage got picked up eventually, but only during the next year’s NaNo).

Hopefully if I pick away at it during December/January (Christmas is going to be a big interruption, much like Thanksgiving is for my american peers) I’ll get it finished within the next couple of months, although I will be taking it at an easier pace than NaNo. I have things which I have put on hold for this month which will come back on board in December, and I have all my other work as well.

Which brings me onto my writing process portion for this week – writing time.


I am not a marathon writer. I cannot sit down for hours at a time and devote myself to a task, it just isn’t how I work.

Instead, I am a sprinter, or piecemeal worker. Or…some other word I can’t think of right now, it is late in the evening, forgive me. Basically, my attention can only focus on one task for so long, so I do one thing for ten minutes, and then swap tasks, doing a different thing for ten minutes. Then maybe I’ll have a five minute break of checking social media, ro listening to music, and then I’ll go back to the first task for ten minutes.

Yes, it’s a bit pick and mix, but that’s how I work, and this is tried and tested over many years. Occasionally, I can get more than twenty minutes out of my attention span, but hitting that kind of grove is rare for me, and I am far more likely to do ten/fifteen minutes of a thing, go do something else, come back to it, another ten/fifteen minutes, off again.


Sprinting and word wars work wonder for me when trying to boost my word counts. Admittedly, I haven’t been doing many word wars against other people this month, I keep seeming to forget about the OA chatroom, but there is an entire twitter account for NaNoSprints and I love using that to help me write.

Short, sharp bursts. Today I was actually experimenting with one minute sprints. Really hard, really fast typing for a minute, then a minute off, then again, then off. Worked really well, managed to get 500 words in not too much time at all.

However, right now, I am feeling the lure of bed more than the lure of some more sprinting. How is everyone else doing with writing? Got any good projects on the go? Any exciting events? My most exciting event is that I killed my MC’s father, and she kind of orchestrated the whole thing.