Apologies for not sticking to schedule, I was trying desperately to get to 50K last night, you know, the point at which I should be at. Yeah, I missed it by a bit. Only a bit though, I’m at 49K as of right now. Which is fine, totally catch-up-able. But, still, technically behind.

On day 7 I was on 30K, on day 14 I am on 49K. So, as you can see, I’ve definitely slowed down. They say week 2 is the hardest week, and this year I think I agree with that. It’s definitely been harder than week 1. The only good thing I that I’ve hit a bit of the story where I know pretty much what is going to happen. And I’m not quite halfway yet, so I know that there are going to be enough words in this novel to get me to 100K, no problem. I just have to sit down and actually write them. I think at this point, I’ll be calling week 3 a success if I can keep up with where I should be with my words. That means 3,333 words a day (plus an extra 1,000 of catch up), which should be fine, I know I can write that much in a day. Heck, in week 1 I was easily doing 5K a day, I just need to find that rhythm again. Or, at least, a similar one where I don’t spend an entire Saturday re-reading my favourite webcomic because he hasn’t given us a new update in over a week. Saturday was not productive, I have to admit.

I have, at least, taken all those tasks and things that I was doing and prioritised them. So now I have work, the masters degree, nanowrimo and on Fridays my allocated social time for my D&D group. I can’t give up D&D, it’s just too good to give up. But, streamlining what I get up to has meant that I am more relaxed, and hopefully this will eventually translate into more words.

On the other hand, I currently have a stomach bug. Waking up on a Monday morning with three hours sleep under your belt because your stomach kept you doubled-over a bowl all night is not on my list of fun things I want to do, nor is it on the best ways to start a week. I am at work despite it, but it’s not fun, and I have the feeling that as soon as I get home after work today, I will be falling asleep immediately, which although probably good for me, is not going to be the most productive activity.

So, moving onto my writing process. Today I am going to look at place.

Everyone has a place in which they like to write, whether that be coffee shops, a study, or outside in some weird little nook in the woods. Me? I have a study. Or the sofa, depending on how creature comforts I am feeling.

IMG_20151117_082544 IMG_20151117_082556








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My study is good because in there I can listen to music whilst I write, or just shut the door and tune everything else out. It’s my space, and I have filled it with dragons, books, and other things that I like, and often I can achieve the sprints, the actual blocks of time put into my work, whilst sitting there. Admittedly, I sometimes do have the chromebook to the side, playing whatever tv series or movie I happen to be into at that time as background noise. This is never something that I haven’t already seen, since the point is not for me to actually watch the thing, but rather to have noise on in the background. I find it hard to write in silence.


Hence, by other writing place – the sofa (and yes, the dragon soft toy lives there). The sofa is great when I want to be warm. I don’t have that great a circulation, so when I am at my desk I tend to wear fingerless gloves (well you can’t type in mittens or regular gloves without distinct effort, so I go for the in-between of keeping the majority of my hands warm, whilst still being able to type at a reasonable speed) but if I am on the sofa then I can roll myself up in the spare duvet that lives on there, or one of numerous blankets, and keep myself warm all over. I’ll use my chromebook on the sofa, and inevitably the TV will be only playing something that I can vaguely watch/listen to without paying all that much attention. That, or the partner will be playing a game. Fallout 4 came out last week, and the living room currently looks like a mini explosion because he took a week off to play it. Not that I blame him, and having a game that I am only mildly interested in is pretty good from the writing background noise standpoint.

So those are my two places. Very familiar, require no travelling, and a bonus I can be wearing my pyjama’s the whole time. I do attend write ins, and I have written in a coffee shop before, but I don’t think it’s really my thing. Maybe I’ll give the library a go at some point, but right now, the sofa is calling to me.

How is every else doing for NaNoWriMo? Ahead? Slightly behind like me? Way behind and panicking (you can do it, just don’t give up!)