“No I am not going to tell you the details of summoning spells. This is an overview to tell you some bits and pieces you might not know. I am not teaching anyone on how to become a Blood Mage,” Francesca gave a steely glare at the person who has asked until they shrunk back down into their seat, and tried to make themselves as small as possible.

“Anyone else have a question that isn’t idiotic?”

There was a pause in the auditorium, and then a couple of tentative hands.

“You,” Francesca jabbed the chalk at a random girl in the audience.

“How might we recognise a summoning taking place? Are there any distinct feature of the magic used or does it just look like a normal ritual?”

“Now that is a good question. Triangles.”

There was a puzzled silence, and frowns around the audience, as Francesca turned to the board and drew some quick shapes, “So in most casting magic, when you want to draw your paradigm, you use circles and squares. Circles are used for continuation, enclosing and energy, and squares for stability. However, blood magic, especially demonic magic, relies on instability, and thus triangles are drawn. Circles are still used for power though.”

There was rustling, as more than a thousand people scrabbled to take notes. Francesca turned, and crossed her arms again, waiting for the next person to put their hand up.


“So, how many triangles are used for a summoning?”

“Again with the details. Details are not your friends here.”