She was curled up, dust floating down and settling on her fur. Fur.

She opened her eyes, the world covered in yellow and greys. The light was speckled around her, a little cave of rubble surrounding her.

Her mind should be panicking, but it wasn’t. Or rather, she could feel the edges of it there, but it wasn’t overwhelming. It should be, because, as she looked down her snout, she examined a brand new body, but one that felt familiar.

Okay, deal with that later. For now, there was a good portion of castle on top of her. She nosed and sniffed, pads of her feet sensing movements. There was a thin layer, and she pushed through it, leaping off a slightly unstable slab, and sliding down the debris avalanche.

Her hands scraped on the floor as she breathed in fresh air, the sudden change of body causing her to stumble, limbs awkward.

She looked around, destruction and detritus sprawled over what use to be a bustling castle.

“Hello?” She called out. “Hello?”

Lydia climbed to her feet, and quickly moved her speed up to a run. “Can anyone hear me?” She was looking left and right, seeing collapsed entrances and sunken floors. She reached the keep, and although the doorway was intact, the rooms within were jumbled together with furniture and floors.

“Arabella? Can you hear me?”