Nythan’s tail was twitching as he flew, his flight path erratic as his main source of steering would not stay still.

Brushing far to close to the top of a tree, he twisted, landing awkwardly on a rocky outcrop. Setting his muzzle firmly shut, he took off again, weaving unstably through the sky.

It took four more short hops, his tail convulsing without pattern. With a whimper he landed at the bottom of the mountain, and crawled into the small space that he had been making his lair.

Curling round on him self, he allowed himself to whimper as he looked at the bend in his tail, and the small trickle of blood where a fragment of bone had broken the skin. His forked tongue flicked out, lapping up the blood, cooling the heat from the wound.

It wasn’t fair. He was no more beast than his brethren, the dragon who were bonded to humans. What did they have that he didn’t?

But he knew the answer, as he clamped his teeth around the fragment of bone, and pulled it out, a fresh stream of blood leaking out after it. His brethren could mind speak with the humans. The human knew that their dragons could talk, and reason. The mind speak only worked with their bonded human, but that was enough.

What he needed, was words.

“Ee. Ah. I.”

The sound were hard on his tongue, more used to speaking in the hisses and rolls of draconic. He licked some more blood from his tail.

“I. I…ah. Ahh.”

He knew the human words from talking to the other dragons. They were lazy. He was sure that they could do much more than they were at the moment, but the bond with the human seemed to change them. They were content to let the humans do things for them.

“I. Am.”

He had no one else. Just himself. And his instincts.

“I. Am. Dra. An.”

He would show the humans that he was no cow or sheep or beast that they controlled. He was as intelligent, if no more so than them. And although he was small now, he would grow. He was more than they were, free from the bonds that tied his brethren down.

“I. Am. Dragon.”