So,four times a year, I and a bunch of my friends, take ourselves to a field and pretend to be citizens of a great empire, and I run around doing my magic thing and being one of the six grandmasters of magic.

Normally, after this event, I do a hot and nots. It’s a thing that a lot of players do where they talk about the bits of the weekend that they enjoyed, and the bits that were not so good.

However, this event, event 4 of year 3, I do not have hots and nots.

Or, rather, my hots and nots of the events have been utterly eclipsed by one single thing:


Empire Dragon 1 Empire Dragon 2 Empire Dragon 3 Empire Dragon 6

Photo Credits to Judith Dawn Taylor & Charlotte Moss.

They made a freaking dragon! (Okay, technically a Drake, but who cares!)

It was mobile and everything, the neck moved, the mouth opened, it bobbed up and down, there were sound effects, smoke pouring out from it’s mouth due to excellent special effects.

After the main fighting was done, I went over to see it (still in character, being a human mercenary as we were monstering) and it was amazing, they had put so much thought and detail into it.

And then we realised that we had eight or so prisoners.

And a dragon.


We fed the prisoners to the dragon.

All of the love to those poor players that did get eaten, they roleplayed it magnificently. Some of them were screaming and crying, others tried to attack the giant head, punching and kicking it, struggling with the orc monsters that were dragging them towards the head. I mean, it was epic, so so epic, and I had front row seats!

So happy.

They have since released a blog post, which you can find here, detailing how they went about making the dragon head, and even knowing how it’s done only serves to make it more amazing, as you realise just how much work PD puts into the games that it runs. It’s amazing.

So I have no hots. I have no nots, all I have is the magnificence of a dragon overulling all of my weekend. And I am so okay with that.