Orsen was crouched down next to the shards of glass. A droplet was forming down one of the edges, rolling and pooling, until it got big enough from gravity to draw it off the shard, dropping down into the pool that had formed.

The incubation chamber was large, floor to ceiling in height, and enough to squeeze two men of his stature in there, but at waist height there was a broken hole in the glass, and the amniotic fluid had leaked out, creating an even bigger mess on top of the ransacking that had gone on.

Orsen stood up, and look over at Albion, who was leafing through the tattered remains of the research papers the professor had kept.


“Sure, fragments. Nothing I can understand, not without the rest of the papers or a hefty does of context.” Albion flipped the papers back onto a dry surface.

Everett swore, and thumped the side of the computer terminal he was sat at.

“I’m pretty sure hitting them doesn’t actually make them work any better.” Albion said.

“Makes me feel better.” He swore again as the screen flickered.

“I take it there is little electronic trace to work with?”

“Little? This stuff has been erased, erased again, the record of the erasure has been erased, and then someone’s taken an electromagnet to the hard drive. I’m surprised it even turned on in the first place.”

“Someone knew what they were doing when they destroyed this lab.” Orsen said.


“I suspect not. If we are right, and she is what we think she is, then she was born here. On a practical level, the door to this lab was broken into, whereas she would most likely have access. On a more emotional one she loved her father, whereas what has happened here has the signs of rage written all over it. If she were the causation of this, I suspect she would have just taken all the relevant material and disposed of it elsewhere, whereas what has been left here is nothing more than a series of broken pieces. In my mind, it doesn’t fit.”

“Okay, so, who would want to break in here?” Everett asked.

“Someone who wants to make a master key of their own.”