I have done it! I have visited all 120 little dragons around Norwich! Took me a while since I was mainly doing it on Lunch breaks and stuff, but Thursday’s are my day off and I finally had nothing else to do, so I could romp around the city and find the others that I hadn’t yet!

Officically this part is called GoGoSchools, but I think GoGo Little Dragons suits it better.

You can find a link to the entire albums for like 350 photos here, but I’m going to showcase some of my favourites for you here.

Starting with, the rainbow club! We have, Skittles, Colour Burst. I love a good rainbow, and these are favourites. Also a shout out to one of my readers who has informed me his son’s school painted Skittles – here he is in all his window glory.

IMG_20150730_144038 IMG_20150730_144213










Next, we have Rainbow. Weirdly, not quite a rainbow in himself, but I love the marbelling effect that was used to create his skin. I remember painted marbles and rolling them around tins, best sorts of art are created with random objects and fun.

IMG_20150727_123724 IMG_20150727_123750









Two very sparkly ones now, Sparky (apologies for the lighting, it was in a dark room) and Fearsome Francis the Fiery. Sparky was very nicely made with lovely rich colours and hints of sparkling in places. Francis could also belong in rainbow club, making her double cool, but there was so much glitter on her, I had to put her in here.

IMG_20150728_121640 IMG_20150730_150800










As well as the dragon statue itself, there can be awesome things painted on it, like Scales and Stories had lots of things, including more dragons (can you see who is painted here on the left? Made me grin a lot) painted inside it’s big scales. Cosmos on the right had runes painted into his wings, which I found rather cool.


IMG_20150727_123301 IMG_20150716_160550









I love the artwork on these two – Vincent van GoGo, obviously replicating sunflowers, and Tell me a Dragon had the seasons painted over him. He also had some story lines, and is located in an awesome local bookshop. Got to love stories and dragons in the same instance.

IMG_20150730_170030 IMG_20150730_154729









This dragon is called Browick. He’s in here because he’s my best friends favourite dragon that he saw when he came round and amused me for an afternoon by finding all 19 dragons living on one of the Malls in Norwich. We got badges for doing so ^.^ And it is adorable to see a dragon in school uniform.











And lastly I show you Cosmic. I’ve probably said that Draco is one of my favourite big ones, so you can see why I like Cosmic so much.










Basically the same! So cute.

At the end of the trail, all the little dragons go back to the schools that made them. So whilst I am sad that I cannot nab one of them for myself, it’ll be lovely for the kids that had a hand in decorating them to keep a hold of them. And I have lots of lovely pictures.

And sometime in the future (hopefully soon) I will have my own tiny version of Draco to have an love. And I’ve bought ticket to the auction so I can see all the dragons go onto their new homes. I’ve mostly been convinced that buying one for myself is a bad idea since I have nowhere to put it and technically there are a lot of other things I could spend that amount of money on.

Mostly convinced.