Adrianna slammed the door to her chambers behind her, her fist briefly flaring with pain as she felt tiny splinters lodge there from the rough wood.

She took in a long, slow, shuddering breath. Then, even slower, let it out.

Sometimes. Sometimes, it was beyond imbecilic.

The rage faded, passing out with each breath. However the weight in her stomach, and in her limbs, was heavier than ever.

She pushed herself off the door, wandering into the apartment. Just out of the corner of her eye she caught herself in the mirror, and stopped.

The women in the mirror looked older than her, with tired eyes, lines of stress traceable in every tightened limb and muscle.

This was not what she was meant to be.

Adrianna lifted her hands and looked at them. Beneath her skin power was coursing. A breath could freeze a lake, a gesture could rip the night sky ablaze with light, she could have summoned a construct that would have easily dealt with the trouble in a matter of minutes.

Her fingers clenched, magic primed to burst forth from her, but she held it in. As always, she held it in.

She could be so much more than the women in the mirror. She wanted to be so much more.

Adrianna uncurled her fingers, another rattling breath escaping her. They reached out, ghosting across the cold surface of the mirror, before pressing down. Yet again, there was no secret world behind the mirror to take her away from this one. Away from the secrets and the hiding.

One day. Some day. The day she could herself. That was what she was living for.