The bottle hung at her side, her hands loosely clinging on to the neck. She swished it gently from side to side, it was almost empty now. That would have been a shame, but there were a dozen more bottles in the fridge behind the bar. Just because everyone else, including the bartender, had gone to sleep, didn’t mean that she had to stop.

She ran a hand over one of the balls on the snooker table, rolling it back into place. Shame her opponent had passed out before they could finish their game.

“You are aware how early it is, aren’t you?”

Kali turned her head and smiled lazily up at the voice coming from the balcony. “There’s still more booze to be drunk, why would I be crashing out now?” She raised the bottle and threw back the last dregs of the beer.

“You have been drinking since the start of the night. Most people can’t take that much alcohol.”

“I’m just tougher than they are.”

Haines raised an eyebrow and glanced over several of the people passed out around the bar, several of which were much larger, much weightier, and much older with far more drinking experience that the black haired teen that was still awake.

“What about you?”

“Oh I was never drinking that much.”

“You should fix that.” Kali slid over the top of the bar and went for one of the fridges, pulling out two new cold ones. She popped the tops as Haines came down the stairs and handed him one of them. The two of them looked at each other, as Haines took a slow sip from his bottle. Then his gaze slid over to the snooker table.

“Have you actually managed to hit a ball into the pocket yet?”

Kali’s face lit up with indignant surprise, “Are you talking to me? Seriously? I’ve have been schooling people’s asses at this game all night.”

“Really? I’d like to see that.”

“Are you challenging me to a game?”

Haines held out a cue to her, and Kali vaulted back over the table to take it. Her bottle went on the side of the table as she lined up the opening shot.

“What do you want to play for?” She asked, as she hit the white ball and the red ones scattered across the table.

“Oh, I’m sure I can think of something.” Haines said, leaning back and admiring the view he had of her from his angle.