When did this happen?

And don’t get smart with me. I am fully aware that it happened at midnight last night, just after we had a leap second added in to account for the rate at which the earth revolves around the sun.

What I am saying, is that July has completely snuck up on me, and I am really not quite sure how that happened. I still thought it was a week or so away.

So I knew that there was a BBQ happening on July 4th I was invited to, and that that is this weekend.

I know that the little dragons are hitting the streets of Norwich on July 4th, which is also this weekend.

The Lord Mayors celebrations are happening on 4th and 5th July, this weekend.

I know that I’ve been paid for June, which must make the date after the 25th June.

All of these things I know to be true, and yet when I got into work today and looked at the date, I was still surprised. And I really have no idea why.

Maybe it’s because this now means that we are more than halfway through the year. Seriously, half of 2015 is already gone and behind us.

But mostly I think it’s because it means this is now right here and happening:


Yeah, I signed up for Camp NaNo this month. Because I really need to get back into writing (I haven’t been doing much since that really awful cold that floored me) and signing up for camp means I can set a word count goal of my own choosing and then potter away at whatever project I want to work on – I’ve got three currently active writing projects, none of which have had anything really done on them in a while.

I signed up, and for a while I’ve been thinking, oh, that’s still a little while away. But no it’s really not. It’s right here, right now, and now I need to sit down, put my fingers on those keys, and start up with my novels again.

This is actually a good thing. I need a kick up the butt every now and again. Just a little one. To get me started again.

What isn’t a good thing is this heat. I am actually melting slightly, even with the fan on and pointed at my back. despite having a birthday in the summer, I really much prefer the cooler months. Hopefully it won’t melt my brain too much when i’m trying to write.

Anyone else doing camp? Or just have some active projects going on at the moment?