“You will write a letter to your father, it will say-”

“I can’t.”

“Do not try to fool me, I am aware you are literate.”

“And I am aware that you are aware. I can’t write a letter to my father.”

“You put a pen to paper and write what I dictate.”

“And pray tell, where will I be sending this letter to?”

Korvo stopped and looked down at the young women. She was sitting straight up in a chair, her grey eyes still fixed on him as they ever had been when he’d been pacing.

“To him, your father.”

“I have no address for him.”

“He has been sending letters to you for years.”

“You’re in the intelligence service, you should know that those letters never arrived. Even then, I severely doubt there would be a return address contained within. They may not be smart, but even they know that they are in hiding, and writing down ones address whilst in hiding is a bad idea, and leads to changing that address with all haste.”

Korvo stroked his goatee as he considered this new information. “What about old places?”

“You’re information is almost certainly more up to date than mine, so you tell me, do they inhabit any of their old buildings?”

His nose twitched, and he went back to pacing, and the grey eyes followed him still. He then opened his mouth, but was cut off before he’d even begun.

pegasus pencil drawing“And no, I can’t predict where he might be. He abandoned me and my mother before I was even ten years of age, and even before then, he was too busy teaching his sons the way of rebelling to make himself that known to me. I can’t summon an address for him anymore than I can make the pegasus fly when it’s cloudy.”

“A pegasus won’t fly when it’s cloudy?”

“Were you even listening to the rest of the sentence?”