So, if you live in Norwich or have been keeping up with my posts here, you might know that GoGoDragon officially launched on Sunday!

Unfortunately, I had to be an adult over the weekend, and do adult things, which mainly involved shopping for a new car and checking the terms and conditions of cancelling my insurance, ect. I had to be all grown up, which meant that I couldn’t get out and do the trail on Sunday when it started 😦

Needless to say, this has made me sad. I’m following it all on facebook and twitter, and so many other people have already been doing the trail and posting pictures, and my friends are walking past some on the way to work (I pass none, none! walking to work).

HOWEVER, I work part time. This means I have Thursday’s off. This means that this Thursday, as in two days time, I am going to wake up early, put on real clothes, and romp around the city finding all the dragons and taking massive amounts of pictures. The weather forecast says it’s going to be cloudy, but not rainy. A day long bus ticket is going to cost me £4.80, so I can visit the slightly out of town ones easier. I’m going to take all the photo’s off my tablet to maximise the space on there. I need to pick a cuddly toy I’m going to take around with me and feature in the photographs (yes, I of course have a rather large choice of cuddly dragons). I am carefully planning my day so that I will be able to visit all 84 dragons in one day, and then I will have seen them all, all 84 of the large sparkly dragons which I so desperately want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Eh hem.

Of course, I will probably go again. The little dragons will be hitting the streets on 4th July (although they are still living at my work for now), and at some point I’m getting a camera from my mum to take to Costa Rica, so I’ll do the whole trail again with a better camera (my tablet is good enough, but a real camera will be much better).

But, there is one thing I’ve been able to do so far – sticker album!


The album I got about a week ago, but the stickers only went on sale yesterday (Monday). I managed to not buy like ten packets, because you get vouchers in the newspaper for a free pack, one each day, so I’m pacing myself. I got two packets yesterday (work are allowing me to cut out the voucher from their copy at the end of the day) and I’ll get similar numbers for the next couple of weeks. There are 150 stickers in total, and when you get to 130, you can go into the newspaper office and buy your last 20! I love stickers, and collecting things. I’m going to have so much fun with this.


So that’s happening now and coming up. Thankfully, over the weekend, there were a couple of surprise dragons for me!

Firstly, my kickstarter arrived!


Earth Dragons and other rare forest creatures! I think I’ve said before how much I love this artist, she’s super talented. And the next project – metal dragons – is already live. Go check it out. It’s met like ten stretch goals without even being halfway through it’s time. I like the postcards, bookmarks, playing cards and hardback books, but I am being tempted by the how to draw and colouring in ones this time.

The other surprise, and this one really was a surprise, was when me and the partner decided to spend our Friday evening taking in a movie and this was outside the theatre:

IMG_20150619_204144IMG_20150619_204153IMG_20150619_235426Dragon! Fighting a Knight! On a Castle!

I was super happy and squealing when I saw it. Looking on the internet, it turns out it is linked into the GoGoDragons as well. It’s called Duelling Dragons sculpture and was a precursor to the GoGoDragons reveal. It’s quite an amazing piece of metal sculpting, and I was certainly very happy to see it (and surprised that something dragon related happening in my city slipped by me!).

I’m holding in the enthusiasm until Thursday, but a warning that the next week or so will be very dragon intensive on this blog!