“You are not taking this seriously.” Luca was standing over Dante, hands folded across his chest, eyes glowering slightly.

“Now why would you say a thing like that brother?”

“Father chose you to marry the girl, for reasons I am not entirely aware of, and for the first time since she escaped we know where she might be. As soon as we heard that, you should have gone out and retrieved her.”

Dante looked up at Luca. The words were carefully chosen and measured, but he could see the roiling emotion behind his brother’s eyes. He folded over the newspaper, tucking it under his arm as he stood up. “Follow me.”

They went upstairs, into his study, where Dante tossed the newspaper onto the desk before going over to a wall cabinet. “By the way, don’t tell father about this. I hope that you’ll understand, but I don’t think he will.” He told his brother before he opened up the doors.

The other side of the doors were filled with photo’s, newspaper articles, surrounding a map with pins and stick notes. One person in particular, an attractive black haired women, was very prominent in all of the documents.

Luca stepped forward, his eyes wondering over the massive display, glossing over the photos and concentrating on the map. “But this is…everything you could need is right here.”

“I appropriated some resources. Well, I suppose pinched is probably a better word.”

“Coffee shops, personal trainer times, with this information you could pick her up anytime, anywhere that you chose.” Luca turned around. “So why haven’t you?”

“Because I don’t need to. We know that we have an advantage – she’s got the wrong date. We tried to catch her and hold her once, and that clearly didn’t work, so, I went for the other option. I’ve had her watched almost every day since she escaped. I know her habits, places she likes to frequent, addresses of her and her friends, I’ve got her routine down, even with the variations and tricks she tries, just in case she is being followed. I let her become my obsession, and as well as having all this information on her, I understand her a lot better now. When the time comes, I’ll be able to find her, no problem. And in the meantime, she gets to think she’s out of our grasp.”

Luca paused for a second. “Sometime I forget how diabolically clever you can occasionally be.”

“Thank you brother.”