I don’t actually know whether this means six places I like, or six places I want to visit. Let me just visit the blog I found this on…

…And of course different bloggers have interpreted it differently. I’ll do a mix then. Three places I currently love, three places I want to go. First three will be places I do know, four to six are places I want to go.

  1. Norwich. The city I currently live in (Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom). I love it because although it’s a city, as soon as you get out of it you’re in the middle of rural East Anglia, which is super nice on the trains. Inside, we have a mix of the large shops and independent ones, I can walk to pretty much anywhere I want to. I love my flat, I have a good job here, and most of my friends live here as well, which is a big bonus.
  2. Egypt. I loved visiting Egypt with my family. I was/am a huge nerd for all the ancient Egyptian myths and practices, so I knew a lot about where we visited already. I actually got to be known as the boffin of the group, so whenever our tour guide asked the group any questions, everyone would just turn to me for the answer! It’s hot, and I die a little in the heat, and the traders were slightly pervy causing me to hide in the bathroom on one occasion! (I was only 14 at the time, I didn’t have the confidence I do now) but I love the heritage and history of the place, and I do want to go back and re-visit it.
  3. Orlando. Over in Florida my grandparents own a house. They live out there for six months of the year (over the English wintertime) and then come back for the English summer. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and also means that I’ve been to Florida a lot over my life. However, I am more fond or Orlando than of Matlacha, because Orlando has theme parks, zoos, wildlife parks, and just so much to do. I want to visit more places in America, but I am quite happy to have been able to visit this place many, many times over my life. I’ve always had fun here.
  4. New York. My mother promised she would take me for my 22nd birthday. But then I couldn’t find the time in-between university work and trips, so she took her boyfriend instead! He’s now her husband, so I guess it all worked out, but I still really want to visit New York for myself!
  5. Yellowstone National Park. The biggest super volcano in the world, I would love to visit this site of geological significance. I love the geysers and thermal pools when I went to Iceland, and I would love to see more sites like it! Hawaii also come under this category, since it is literally an island made of volcanoes.
  6. Japan. I cannot think of a country where there is more culture packed into a small space than here. You have the modern and traditional living shoulder to shoulder, manga/anime next to cherry blossom festivals, and islands filled with nothing but rabbits! Japan is definitely on my must visit list.


And there you have it. Of course, I have deliberately left out the one I am going to in August. I mentioned it before, briefly, in a post. But it’s now all booked and confirmed, so I’m starting to get excited! I’ve booked two weeks volunteering with a turtle sanctuary in Costa Rica! I’m going to help out turtles in the region by rescuing the eggs, protecting them, making sure they hatch just fine, then popping the babies back in the ocean, driving off poachers, and getting to know local culture. I’m so excited for it!