So, I promised you a dragon post, and a dragon post you shall have.

GoGoDragons is going to hit the streets of Norwich on 21st June, and that means that the city is starting to gear up for the plethora of dragons that are going to descend on it.

Even my work has been affected. I’ve already written two dragon related blog posts for the library blog, persuaded our finance guy to buy a couple of books (actually, it’s in the picture below), and the best thing? The college is storing all the mini dragon until they get put out on the streets!

small dragons 6 small dragons 1

Aren’t they gorgeous? A whole room, filled with at least 70 of these beauties. Paradise!

small dragons 7 small dragons 3 small dragons 4small dragons 5

Just a small selection of the ones that caught my eye. I promise, when they hit the streets, there will be a lot more photos. Individual ones. I will overload you with photos.

And because of this, the bookstores have been having dragon displays. I showed you one in a recent post. I also found that Jarrolds, our local department store, has also had a big display of all sort of dragon books. So much so that I have another horde of books sitting on my pile.


So there’s three story books, a Dragonology book, and a lovely little thin book called Norwich City of Dragon, which has been published locally by Book Wyrm Books. It takes you around the city of Norwich with lots of dragons all over the city, in the spirit of the event. That’s the one I’ve hopefully persuaded the library to pick up a copy of.

The two pale blue books are going to be interesting to read. It takes place in Wales, which you know I am involved in (still learning Welsh!) and the author is coming to my local Waterstones book shop early July. A big dragon themed author event. I am totally going, and I am very much going to enjoy it.

I also popped some books back to the library, and in the small shop on the way out, I spotted the display they had in the tourist information shop. And I picked up these two lovelies.


I haven’t had a chance to play the board game yet (I feel sleep due to my cold when people came round my flat) but I love the dragon cuddly toy. It’s super soft, and great to cuddly on the sofa. But, it doesn’t have a name as of yet. Taking suggestions from you, my lovely readers. What do you think I should name my Norwich dragon?