Somehow, despite not posting anything for over a week, I managed to get 63 views on Saturday. This is impressive, and I feel like I have been ignoring this blog, much as I have been ignoring most things, and that this should not continue. Thankfully, the reason I have been ignoring everything – my cold – is mostly departed. This means I can get back on track with all the things I should be doing: Work, gaming, blogging, writing (by the dragons, my writing is suffering at the moment).

Rather than just pick up with my regular schedule, which is what I attempted to do last week and failed (there are some drafts sitting in the drafts folder, doing not very much at all) I thought I would inject a bit of life into the blog with a short challenge. I love challenges, and this hopefully means that I will churn out a post a day for the next ten days. I will also try to get 2 theme posts and 1 dragon post during these ten days, and really get back into the swing of blogging.

The challenge I have picked up is one from a random picture someone posted a while back and I saved on my USB bracelet. Deciding to do a challenge, I was fishing round on the internet for one, and then discovered I had one already saved. Because it’s easy to forget these things.


10) Ten Secrets
9) Nine Loves
8) Eight Fears
7) Seven Wants
6) Six Places
5) Five Foods
4) Four Books
3) Three Films
2) Two Songs
1) One Picture


Ten Secrets

Normally the point of secrets is that they are kept secret. So I find the first requirement of this challenge that I have to tell you ten a little weird. But let’s roll with it. I might cheat and tell you little known facts, just to get to ten.

  1. I run a game that I haven’t read the rulebook for (as evidenced yesterday when the players ask me really complicated questions about shadow v twilight and I had no idea what the answer was).
  2. One of my best friends and I have discussed, in excruciating detail, how we could murder someone and get away with it. We have lists. With numbers.
  3. I am mildly addicted to a game called Blendoku, and often stay up late playing it under the covers, so the light of my tablet doesn’t wake my partner.
  4. I abuse the office printer. Because why use my own when there’s four right there, and I have unlimited staff credit?
  5. I have stolen a grand total of three things in my life.
  6. Back in secondary school, a bunch of my friends wanted to sneak into a rated 15 movie. However, I really didn’t want to see it, so I deliberately told the attendant my real age so we had to go see the movie I wanted to instead.
  7. Once while shelving books and tidying I fell asleep between the stacks for twenty minutes. Thankfully no one found me, and I then got diagnosed and given tablets, so that hasn’t happened again.
  8. I have a player goal to get one of my characters kidnapped, doesn’t really matter which one. (I got so jealous when it happened to another character in the changeling chronicle).
  9. Every time I help someone perform a really basic (computer) task I am hiding my frustration and silently chanting the ‘I must not judge people by my competence level. I must not judge people’ mantra.
  10. If I can make my partner get up and get it for me, rather than leaving the nest I have made on the sofa, then I will. I am exceedingly lazy.

And there you go. Ten secret(ish) things which are now not so secret. Nine more to go.

Anyone got any small project they’re working on at the moment?