Every time she went to a door, he was there. Even when she went onto the balcony, he was standing there, in her way again.

Kali huffed, and turned back into the room, a strand of hair flapping against her nose. She crossed her arms as she tried to blow it off her face again, only to have it flop back on her nose. It was a small irritation, but then again this whole evening was made up of small irritations.

She has refused to be one of the servers, refused to be one of the guests, refused to have anything to do with this damn birthday party, and yet here she was anyway. And Idris was not letting her duck out.

Once again, he was there at the door, blocking her way. She scowled, and then went to get a drink. At least that was something.

May swept passed, giving her a wink. Kali rolled her eyes up to the ceiling to indicate her boredom, and the other girl smiled in response as she passed, and then gave a pointed look to the corner.

Kali followed the gaze, and her eyes fell on a piano, currently unoccupied.

Well, every party should have music.

She sat down on the stool, her tunic falling over the edge. Her fingers skimmed over the surface of the keys, feeling the ridges of ivory.

“It’s called a piano. When you tap the keys, notes sound. Put enough of them together and you get music.” Idris was standing by the piano, a smirk playing around his mouth as he looked down at her.

Kali didn’t returned his look, but smiled to herself and started to play.

It had been a while since she played, and she let the music swell around her, the melody rising and falling, filling the room with sound that layered over all others.

Kali’s eyes were half closed as the notes flowed out from her fingers, but she could feel and hear the silence in the room that fell as the music started. She could just about see past the piano where most of the room had stopped. Idris has stiffened into a statue beside her. May was there, just the other side of the piano, hands clasped to her chest as she listened, and Joshua, one of the birthday boys, was looking and smiling.

Well, it was tradition to give a present at birthday times.

Kali returned to the start of the music, rounding the notes together as she then opening her mouth and began to sign. The room froze, as the clarity of the notes and her voice joined together, rising and falling to the melody that flowed out, up and around everyone there.

Six minutes. Six minutes of pouring out a melody with her fingers and lungs. Six minutes later, the last note faded into the ringing silence of the room, and then a flood of clapping burst forth.

She still didn’t look to Idris at her side as she stood up, and gave a short bow to the room. With the tumultuous applause and shock, she found it simple to slip out of the room.

An hour later, Kali was idly reading a book in her room, when Idris walked through the door.

“What the hell was that?”

Kali quirked an eyebrow over the top of her book at him.

“I am perfectly aware that you can talk, especially after that performance. There is nothing, nothing, about you that had indicated to me that you could play a melody like that.”

Kali snapped her book shut and leaned forward. “And just what the hell do you know about me Idris?”