So this is only the second year that I have been a participant of the A to Z challenge. I had this feeling last year after completing the challenge, that it was one of the best decisions I ever made, for both myself and my blog, to participate. And this year I have the exact same feeling.

One was my posts. Actually, choosing to do fantasy writing, I got to think about what I know, and what I can give out as advice to other writers and people that read this blog. There are some things that I am good at as a writer, there are some things where I am learning, and of course there are just some bits which I am terrible at. But overall, I’ve got to see what fits into those categories, and that is invaluable. I am really glad I did this, rather than another year of dragons. That’s not to say I don’t still absolutely love dragons, but I got so much out of this year, it was worth turning away from dragons.

Maybe next year I’ll go back to dragons. But this year was all about writing.

And reading of course. One of the reasons that the A to Z challenge is so great is because there are loads of other blogs out there doing it, and you get to go explore and find those amazing blogs. And, because the list stays up all year, I can use that to go find more amazing blogs all year round! Although of course we do slow down after April.

I talked to people I have met before, and people who I haven’t. I’ve been reading interesting, creative, and some not-so-good blogs. But you read those ones to know which ones are the goods ones, and treasure them a little bit more.

I love that I have people who come back, my regulars as they are, I really do love building up that connection with people, it’s so nice that there are people who like or care about what I write here that they come back to see what I’ve written in new posts, and that is so special to know, it really is. And every year that I do this challenge, I discover more people like that, and more blogs for which I can be that person, because if it’s special to me, then it’s special to others.

My posts could have been shorter, which does make it easier for people to read, which is something I might bare in mind for future years, although writing is a fairly wordy topic (I have the best/worst puns). And there is something to be said for writing and scheduling posts in advance rather than writing on the day, but I was only late one day, and I do like writing things everyday, so I’d just use the time for other writing projects.

All in all, an excellent year, I shall definitely be back for the next one.

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