“That’s my house, please!”

Kaeleigh pushed past the person on the door, into the interior of her house. It was full to the brim of unfamiliar people as she ran into the living room.

She saw the red spatters up the wall as she ran in.


There were three men standing around the prone figure she screamed out at, who looked up. Someone closer than that was quick, but not quick enough to keep her from seeing the blood soaked body on the floor.

Strong arms wrapped around her, pulling her away from the blood and the body and the horror. Kaeleigh pressed her hands over her mouth, a strangled sob wrenching it’s way out of her throat, the strength falling from her legs.

The tears were burning her eyes, but she couldn’t close them, even as she was taken away from the scene, the blood spatter was seared across her vision, her dad, just lying there in a growing pool of his own blood and viscera.

“Oh Kaeleigh, I’ve sorry, I’m so sorry, I’ve got you.”

She was on the floor, Peyton had her arms wrapped tightly around her, hugging her in close as she cried, and shook, and sobbed.

Kaeleigh had been coming home to see her dad, not this horror.