Not unusually Rose was standing behind her desk, two people were standing in front of her and the telegram machine was clicking away.

“I need the menu changed to fish, salmon if they have, rather than the chicken, and when the flower arrangements comes please inform me as they should be here this afternoon and I need to get people in to set them up. Renard, thank you for the financial reports, I’ll be looking over them this afternoon and making my decisions then, please pass that onto Madam Adelaide, I know she’ll be waiting to hear back from me.” And all the while she was talking, she was skim reading the telegram that was printing off.

“Yes my lady.” Renard and the other servants bowed to her, and then left the room. The door had barely closed when it swung open again and Esme walked into the room.

“Are you still working?”

“I have a lot to do.” Rose replied, as she looked at the telegram, fingers hovering over the buttons to make a reply.

“And some people say that noble’s do nothing but drink tea with their time.”

“I would love some tea right now.” Rose said, absentminded as she started her reply. Halfway through the sentence she looked up, and the door was closing on an empty room. “Esme?” There was no reply, and Rose sighed and bent down to the telegram again.

She had just hit the send button when the door opened again and Esme walked back in with a tea service. “For you dear sister, one pot of tea.”

Rose sighed with relief, and gratefully took the steaming cup as she sat down behind her desk. “I remember doing this for father when he used to work too hard.”

“Do you also remember telling him to not work so hard.”

Rose smiled. “Of course I do. However the tasks I am trying to complete are not hard, it is only because I am multitasking and trying to accomplish them all at the same time that it is taking this much effort.”

“So don’t?”

Rose shook her head. “It all needs to be done in time for the gala tomorrow. Don’t worry, after then I shall have very little work to do.”

Esme looked over the stack of papers and sampled and other items stacked in neat piles around the desk. “Better you than me.”